Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today I....

Feel like scrapping...
Dont know what to scrap though, and i have to go to work at around 2.30pm
so i'm not sure if i will manage anything or not.
Am now working in the arvo's just a couple of hours
to give Merlissa a break, and so she can spend some time with her kids during the hols.
Hopefully i can save up a bit of money for our up-coming holiday in April!!
Mark has taken a month holiday for his long service
and we are going to go camping on fraser island for a week
and then head on up to Bundaberg to visit his dad..
It's a kind of scary thaught, going away for a whole month but it should be fun :)
these are a few more pics from Bermi..
This first one is the harbour after we went swimming on new years day.
next one is my two beautiful boys, love this pic of them!

Jed and his mad shell he found at cuttagee,
he brought it home with him and the end broke off it, he was a bit sad about that..
Took this pic while driving back to bermi from the bay
(yep out the passenger window, going at least 90kph),
was trying out my new polariser filter.. and of course the weather was s#!t house wasnt it lol..
just love the way this one turned out though..
last but not least this little blue dragonfly,
he was all of maybe 1.5 inches long and such a vibrant blue!!
sooo pretty!
anyway at the moment i am thinking of my 2010 goals,
and our 2009 highlights,
so i will possibly blog about that soon..
Have a great day!! xx


Felicity said...

WOW love love love your photos!!!
So great to see you scrapping, LOVE your style!!
:) xx

Marelle said...

omygoodness tara
wow love love love your photos
one day I hope to take shots like that

Teegs said...

hey cool pics:) cant wait to see more. That lil D fly's pretty cool:)

Anonymous said...

wow, your pics are awesome. Love the one of the shell. Gorgeous boys too. Take care