Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back to school!!!

Back to school today...
One is excited,
one is not.
I can only hope for Jed to have a better year this year,
Tani, i hope she continues to love it,
and continues to learn at the fantastic rate she learnt at last year!
They both have new shoes!!
Not so happy to pose for me
Humouring me... lol
Tani has been soooo excited about going back to school..
Makes me feel oh, so loved.... lol
She is such a cute little independant girl!
I miss them already,
the peace and quiet is good though,
Zayne misses them and is tearing up my house...
Man he has been into some crap today!


Felicity said...

hope they liked there first day back
STUNNING photos are normal :)

Sheri said...

oh my gosh i love Tanis shoes!!!! lol!! id wear them!!
and cool key ring on her bag lol. and i do love her fringe its cute as.
love the pic of Jed where his smilling lol.