Friday, January 8, 2010

Wedding Flowers

Just a couple of pics from the wedding at work today...
i made 4 of these,
while Merlissa did the brides bouquet
and Carol done the corsages, buttonholes etc.

Thanks heaps Tegan for looking after the kids,
loved your piccies of them on your blog :D
Watching "Bait Shop" with Mark and the kids now and bout to get a foot massage!! :D
have a good one!


Felicity said...

I am up for the foot massage next. :) haha

Sheri said...

how awesome are those things!!!!
they look so good. i bet the couple was heaps happy with them.

Peta said...

stunning flower arrangements - you are very talented.... stumbled across your blog by hopping from Tegans - you kids are VERY cute and I love the LOs below!!!


what an amzing job to have.. it was my dream as a little girl growing up.. hard industry to get into when your young though..