Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday's Pic

the day has been and gone,
but just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my little bro, Craig...
These 2 pics were taken at our place tonight.
Zayne was sitting up on him,
cute as, and of course by the time i went and got the camera he had moved..
always the way...

This pic of Jed swinging is Saturdays pic at Bons, for the CC..
Havent done any scrapping for that yet, but have at least started Flis' scraplift challenge!!
Took a few pics this afternoon,
getting one for the challenge.. The kids were outside playing with the sprinkler and swinging on the swings. These are a few of my faves!

and just a collection of some others..


Teegs said...

aw that second one of c and Z is heaps cute:) and love all of the sprinkler shots, HEAPS good! i have heaps of photos of the those weeds they pop up everywhere lol they're pretty cool:)

Sheri said...

cool as pics
how awesome is the one of Jed licking the water! looks cool as!!
Tiff has those Kinis!!