Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just as I thaught...

Yep, just as i thaught....
she took one bite of her cupcake and hated it!
her face screwed up and i'm sure she was almost gagging on it!
don't know if you have ever seen them before but you make only one cupcake at a time, and cook it for 30 seconds in the microwave... I mean how nice could that really be?
the decoration of it was a disaster as well...
all was going well till Jed raced up and yanked the handle down which made all of the icing come out in one big blob instead of spiralling onto it like it was supposed to...
so i really, really hope that you can decorate normal cupcakes with it, with normal icing otherwise it will be the biggest waste of money ever!
and to make it worse she had been asking for it for well over a year :(
just a few piccies... Tani while we were making them
cake mixture before water was added,
and the machiney thing you use to ice them.
cake after it was cooked in the microwave..
cake after it was iced, i tried to spread it but the cake was just too sticky and it lifted everytime i tried :(


Teegs said...

hahahha how funny, did u taste it?

Maybe ya can make it with better ingredients or do ya have to do the way they say?

Thought is spelt like this you and craig both do that?

Felicity said...

that is no good about the cupcake. hope you work it out and they taste better.