Monday, January 11, 2010

Pics from the weekend #1

Some pics from our day away yesterday,
we drove up to long plain, just mark, the kids and i..
It is about 1.5 hours drive from here towards cooma in the national parks.
It is a beautiful place, soooo many wildflowers about which are absolutely gorgeous..
This post is mainly wildflowers,
not as many as i would like,
it was quite windy up there and very hard to focus on them..
The pics of my favourite flower all ended up really blurry,
a shame, but ah well....
This first one is such a pretty flower, on a thistle plant!!
I didnt even see it, mark pulled up when we drove past it so i could take a pic.. it was in line with the wheels on my side, i dont know how he even saw it!!
A lizard down at the blue water holes
(more on them later...)
Thistles before the flowers come out,
such amazing looking things for weeds!!
Hmmm so i dont know what this is,
'tis VERY pretty though :)
Purple star flower,
see these everywhere up the bush not sure if its a weed or a wildflower..
Same about this one...
Dead leaves,
just love the way these look..
Everlasting daisies...
these are gorgeous!!

Last, but not least a wild Brumby..
kept on the lookout for these the whole time,
was lucky to get one this close...
It was running when i took the pic.

That's it for now,

will be back with more pics soon :)



what stunning photos.. the colours in them are just amazing!!

Teegs said...

how awesome are wild flowers and brumbies:) love the paper daisy's:)

Hurry up and load more:)

Felicity said...

WOW WOW WOW your photography is amazing, I need lessons of you.
:) x