Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pics from Long Plain #4

Jed's turn this time..
He got this drink bottle from Wagga on the weekend,
from the army disposals store, cost him all of $5..
He is so proud of it,
and carted it round with him all day on sunday while we were at long plain.

Gee i love how these 2 love each other,
Jed is such a good big brother,
helps Zayne with so many things...
and Zayne absolutely adores him!!


Teegs said...

haha cute. Nice pics sooo awaiting Tani's:)

Sheri said...

love that pic of Jed his not pulling a funny face lol!!!
awesome pics below too.

Felicity said...

dont you love it when kids love the simplist of things, like that drink bottle.