Thursday, January 21, 2010

still thursday....

Align Centerhmm
so i buggered up with the day before,
the pic was for thursdays photo for the CC..
MUM.... that pic you said about jed's hat...
was this box LMAO!!
I took him to work with me on wed arve coz mark
was in a poop of a mood and him and tani were
bitching at each other..
he (we) made it while we were there,
when i told him to leave it there in the bin he nearly cried,
so i let him bring it home to get left laying around lol...
oh and it was this box that he was colouring in with texta thismorning... :(

he looks like a bushranger lol...
and this is what me and tani had for lunch today,
my absolute fave,
crackers, avocado, tomato, S+P, and cheese
mmmmmm LOVE it!!

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Sue said...

Am I allowed to ask what he is supposed to be, or should I just know. Lol. What a dag.