Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Big Change

Today Tani got her haircut,
before school goes back tomorrow coz it was looking a bit ratty...
and she got a fringe!!
She forever has her hair in her face, must drive her absolutely bonkers!!
She has never had a fringe before,
so for her (and me) it is a big change...
I think it looks cute!
Pic is a bit dark coz i had to wait for her to finish her dinner before i took the pic
you can even see a bit leftover on her face lol..
She also got a school DRESS today,
she usually wears a polo shirt and the skort thingo's,
so that will be different for her too!
pic on the left was Tani yesterday,
on the right is tonight...
I really can't get over the fact that school goes back tomorrow...
I am really not ready! I love school holiday's... :)
Although I think the house will sigh in relief when they walk out the door tomorrow!!
Zayne isn't going to know what to do with himself either..
He adores them sooo much, and has loved having them home!
I wish we had of done more during the holidays,
but it was just soooo hot!
I didnt even take the poor buggers to the pool,
it's just so damn expensive to get in and at the
moment we just can't afford $15 for an hour playing in the pool!

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she looks gorgoeus .. chanel has been wanting a fringe for ages ... so i took the plunge last friday.. and she has a long fringe.. lol... she loves it.. took a lil for me to get use to it.. im loving the change ..