Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Too cute....

Is this little fellow in his little toddler bed...

His first night in it was Saturday February 21st (2010)..
I heard him fall out once that night,
(Mark thinks he heard him fall out 3 times...
I think he was dreaming)
He fell out twice the next night,
and hasn't fallen out since...
Although i did have to get up and shift him
back onto the bed last night,
he was going off backwards lol..
We brought this toddler bed because he was
getting a little adventurous
with climbing... Not long ago he fell into the bath
(with water in it :(.. ) headfirst
and we have a BIG DEEP bath,
ne of those real old ones...
anyways he fell in because he gets up and rocks
back and forward on the edges,
and he was doing the same thing in his cot...
and it is a LOT higher than the bath lol.
I was getting really worried he was going to fall out and do damage..
I remember Jed falling out of the cot when he was a baby
and it scared the crappers out of me.......
The actual reason he got a toddler bed though,
and not a big bed is because he is still in our room,
which is actually Tanika's room
(you may have noticed the pink ladybug curtains lol),
because we are supposed to be renovating our room,
which so far has not happened at all...
But it is really the cutest thing!!
and now he comes and climbs into bed
with me when he gets up,
and kicks me, and climbs over me,
and pulls my blankies off,
and cuddles me, and kisses me, and tells me "I love"..
(his way of saying I love you on a lazy day lol)
.... God i love him


Felicity said...

sweet dreams little man... cute :)
sorry had a bit of giggle about falling in the bath with water. BOYS will be bOYS :) x

Crystal Bowman said...

Awww. Too cute! My little man (now 4.5) was a climber too!

Sheri said...

aww! his the most gorgeous bub!!

Wella said...

Cant believe he manages to fall out of bed with....rails on both sides and a wall on one side. Too cute!!