Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some pics...

I took the kids to the park over in Gundi this afternoon,
while Mark was in the dentist.
I got a few pics,
some were OK..
Have just picked out 4 for the moment.
Lots were blurry,
not sure why that is happening???
If it's my settings,
or the time of day I am taking my pics,
maybe how far away I am and the lens I am using,
or the fact that my subjects wont stay still?
Hmmmm don't know,
something to think about and work on though...
This one of Tani,
just trying to get an upclose and detailed pic,
it's a little over-exposed but I like it..
Autumn leaves on the ground.
I love Autumn,
The best time of the year.

Tani's belt lol..

I went to target the other day and got Jed and Tani a few things

from the clearance racks..

This was Tani's fave coz of the belt..

They are knee length shorts, quite cute,

and they only cost me four dollars - something!


Little man,

on his way into the play area.

I love the fact that it has a huge fence around it,

he can go crazy in there..

He had a ball!

Double spacing again apparently,
oh, no, now it stopped lol..
Don't know what's up with that.
After we left the park I took the kids for a drive
up to see our old house in Gundi,
as soon as they saw it they remembered it,
and Jed started talking about it...
Not surer how much Tani would remember of it though.
Gee I loved that house,
and I miss it.... :(
So anyway got back to the dentist and Mark had a tooth pulled..
Yay more grumpy Mark....


Felicity said...

eeek.. dentists!!! :( Love those photos cute as. And I miss Autumn and the big leaves down there :(

Good luck with Jed today :) x


gorgoeus pics as always tara.. eeek..dentist.. hide duck.. lol