Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Little Things...

You know those little things,
that the little ones do,
that are just sooooo gorgeous....
The things that we all
forget about way too fast...?
We had one of those moments today.
I took Tani and Zayne down to "duck park"
to feed the ducks,
usually everytime we do this
Zayne sits up on the seat near the water
and eats a piece of bread lol.
Today he started off eating his bread,
while Tani and I broke up the bread and
threw it to the ducks.
A few of the pieces of bread landed on the ground in
front of the seat Zayne was sitting on
and the ducks were coming over
and fighting over the bread...
This absolutely cracked him up,
which is just so cute,
he has the most gorgeous little laugh/chuckle!!
After that he started ripping off little bits of his bread
and holding them out to the ducks
and said "ta, ta, ta...... ta, ta"
lol none of the ducks took his bread though!
Then he went over to the water and started trying
to throw the bread to the ducks...
It took him a little while to understand he
had to actually let go though lol,
I had to show him a few times how to do it,
but once he got it he was throwing
it in over, and over..
and loved it!!
Just one of those things that I dont want to forget!


Sue said...

Awww, that is so cute, wish you had a piccie too. We miss out on so much being down here.


that sounds sooo cute shame u didnt get a piccie..