Thursday, March 18, 2010


Just to clear up on the last post lol,
I just had one of those days,
where I just felt BLAH..
Really had heaps to do, but no motivation,
or energy to do so.
Also Zayne was asleep so had to
make minimum noise.
(what i really wanted to do was sew
part of my mini i'm taking away, but the machine
is too noisy, and not far from where he sleeps...)
I actually ended up going for a short nap
on the lounge.
I had a strange night,
and a crappy morning...
For some reason I awoke with a start at 3am,
heard a noise of some sort that had my heart racing,
and i had to check..
Found nothing, but by then I was wide awake.
Then at 5am Jed's hot wheels stop watch started beeping... :(
and woke me again,
how friggen annoying,
but Mark was still home so he turned it off.
Then just after 6am,
the batteries in the smoke alarm in Jed's room decided to go
flat... which makes a god awful noise,
and had my heart pounding again... It woke me from a deep sleep.
So I jump up on jed's chair to turn it off,
and of course i can't reach,
so i go and get a kitchen chair,
and cant figure out how to turn the bloody thing off.
Finally manage it,
but of course the kids are all now awake.. :(
I sent them out to watch tv while
i lay down for a little while longer (didnt sleep though).
Phone rings at 7.40,
it's my boss... (wont go there)
Then i make kids brekky, all good,
got my toast and tea,
sit down to eat, spill boiling tea all over my lap...
Go and get changed, get back, clean up table,
sit down, pick up toast...
Zayne tries to fall off kitchen chair backwards.
I saved him from falling, fixed him up,
looked down and my toast is upside down on the table,
which i then had to clean the jam off and throw my toast,
coz we had those dirty little black bugs on
it the night before....
All in all a painful morning lol
but at least it stopped there!
And really, i just felt blah all day...
just one of those days i think!!

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Teegs said...

OMG are you serious??? That would be the start of the worst day ever. hope by the end it got a litte better. Hope you got a good sleep last night. xxxx