Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just some scrappy pages...

I have been doing a bit of scrapping this week....
I love it when my mojo pops in to say hello lol.
First up is the write now challenge at BONS.
a random, just because i love that photo of my boys!
My new fave layout....
LOVE the red spotty paper,
and that pic of my kids!
Just one with some journalling of the
journey we are about to start...
He is such a funny kid lol,
think the pic of this page is a little bright..
Last months write now challenge that i never
finished in time..
Whoops, slacko..
That's it!!
Mark has gone camping with Matt and Keith tonight,
i'm not used to him being away at night..
It's strange and very, very quiet!


Sarah Lou said...

Oh wow, just surfed over here. Loving your style - big time!!

Pauly said...

Love em all!! Your great at journalling....I suck at it!!

Felicity said...

Love every single one those LO's!!!
:) xxx

Jane said...

STUNNING LO's just love dropping by here for some inspiration :)

amanda73 said...

wow, wow, wow. love all your work, ive been a stalker of your blog for a while now, thought it about time i left a comment. you have gorgeous kids, your LOs are soooo inspirational............ and dont worry too much about jaiden's learning difficulties, he will get there. maybe see if his school has some remedial type classes he can do. one of my sons had similar probs to jaiden, and he isnt autistic or adhd, trust your instincts you would no if he had those disorders more than anyone. i wish you luck with him

Sheri said...

awesome as!!
love the layouts esp the one of you and Mark and the one of the three kids,

Melissa said...

Hey Tara, I LOVE your work!!!!!! Every single one!

Chantal said...

Wow! I love your layouts! Your style is awesome! Love bright and bold... heaps!!! Glad I surfed on by!!!