Saturday, March 6, 2010

The hardest thing.....

I had one of those day's at work today..
Sometimes I have days like this,
that just shatter me,
and I don't feel right for days afterwards.
It just really makes me reflect on what's important in life.
Yesterday afternoon we were travelling home from wagga,
and there were HUGE amounts of traffic..
I mean more than I have EVER seen on that road.
By the time we got to the highway we realised
that there had been an accident and all the traffic
from the highway had been diverted around a side road.
Both lanes of the highway had been closed.
When we got home,
after i drove extremely carefully, and slowly,
all the way back (these things really spook me!)
I saw on the news that a young girl had been killed.
I'm still not entirely sure what happened other than
her car and a truck were involved....
I don't know who the girl was either,
and as far as I knew she was from a town over 2 hours away.
At the time I thought it was devastating and really
felt for her family.
But today at work her grandmother
came in to buy some flowers to put at the accident site.
She was absolutely distraught,
and crying so much (understandably).
It just really hits hard.
It is so hard to know what to say, and what to do.
Some people want comfort where as others
want to be left alone.
Normally I would never write about something like this,
but this is the 2nd occassion in the last couple of weeks
that has really gotten to me.
I wont talk about these things, even writing about
it doesnt feel right and this has taken me over 30 mins just to write this
small amount. But I had to get it out....


amanda73 said...

thats horrible tara.......... my 15 yr old cousin died in a car accident on boxing day 2004..... its so hard for families of road accident victims.

Felicity said...

it sure is hard and sooo said. words can never express anything like this :( xx (HUGS)


hugs tara.....