Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not quite....

2 days to go,
and we will HOPEFULLY be on our way to
First stop on our holiday!
The kids have only 1 day left of school.
Not sending them on thursday,
for numerous reasons...
I had my last day of work today.
In there on my own,
with Zayne,
and wouldn't you know it, it's flat out!
*roll eye's* lol.
Happens everytime i'm in there for the day on my own!
So I won't be back there till we get home,
and then it's straight into Mother's Day week..
I'm not going to know what hit me!! lol
As I write this Mark is outside,
building stuff for the back of the Jeep.
It's 9.26pm.
With 1 afternoon/night to go.
At least he didn't leave it till the last minute.... ha ha

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Sue said...

classify last minute.