Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's times like these....

That you truly appreciate your parents,
and realise what a brat you were as a kid
and how hard you made things when you were going away...
Well payback is a bitch anyway,
as the saying goes!
It is now 5.46pm,
Thursday night.
Mark is tying down the stuff on the roof of the Jeep.
Well I assume the kids will fit,
haven't tried them yet!
Jed has done nothing but whinge ALL day.
Everytime he was asked to do something,
it was OHHhhhH, whinge, whinge, moan, moan.
Zayne was just in the way,
and undone just about everything I done during the day.
Tani tried to help...... lol
sometimes it was help.
Other times not so much!
So anyway,
will see how the tying down goes,
we might be out of here in an hour or 2.
ta ta...


karen e said...

Have a great holiday and a safe one. Make sure you keep us updated on the cool things that you are doing!!!!

Lindy said...

Agree with karen - let us know how you guys are doing!!!