Saturday, April 10, 2010

Swimming in Grandad's pool.

Yesterday was our first day in Bundaberg
and the kids went swimming in their Grandad's pool,
for about 3 hours lol..
Zayne only got in after his nap and was a little unsure,
since it was really cold and he had just got up!!
I didn't go in coz I am STILL sick... blah
Love these little chubby toes curled around the edge of the cement.
Just as they were getting out.
Jed and his useless goggles lol....

All my boys in the pool!!
Some Banana's growing in Grandad's backyard,
near the pool..
I think it is supposed to rain today,
not sure what we are going to do,
but I am hoping to get some photo's printed at some stage
so I can start on my holiday album!!

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Teegs said...

oh yep lil man doesn't look impressed lol