Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We are back

from Fraser Island..
We got back on Sunday night,
had dinner at Mark's Aunty Kate's in Hervey Bay
then travelled back to Bundy that night.
We spent the whole day yesterday doing nothing..
Well after we went into town to buy some food anyway lol.
and I got New Moon as well.
We watched that yesterday arvo.
I didn't take ANY pics yesterday either 8(.. lol
I just have 2 pics from Fraser Island here.
We has an AWESOME time,
the kids absolutely loved it too!!!
The weather was pretty good,
except for the day before we left.
It rained all day that day,
and it rained most nights, but the days were good.. :)
First pic is McKenzies Jetty..
We visited here on our way to the barge to get off the island
on the sunday. So glad we went there, it was cool!!
This pic is the Eastern beach..
The highway up the island.
I took this one on our way to our campsite...
I have much better ones than this,
but was just doing a quick post and couldnt be bothered
sorting through them!!
We are going to go to the Bundy Rum factory today..
and hopefully will get a bit of washing done.
Almost all our clothes are dirty from camping,
and Steve has a very small washing machine lol..
Hope to make a start on my holiday album soon too.....
Haven't even opened the box,
except to use my scissors once lol....
Have a great day........ :D


Jenny's Ramblings said...

so glad you had a great time and that the weather was kind it has been teeming here all day

Pauly said...

WOW!! Beaches look magic!! So does the weather!!

karen e said...

Glad that you had a good time on the island....can't wait to see all your holiday pics...

Teegs said...

love that Jetty thing:) mmm beach piccies are sooo good:)