Sunday, February 28, 2010


I took a few pics out in the backyard tonight,
It was after 7 and the light wasn't the best....
So a lot of them are blurry coz i didnt use the flash,
these ones aren't too bad though..
First up is that lip again lol,
he wanted to get on the swing right or wrong lol
but as soon as i put him on he wanted off!
(this was actually the last pic i took and it's using the flash)
Cute 'lil kiddo's...
This one is slightly blurry though.
Another of the kidlets,
this one is a little dark..
L.O.V.E. this pic....
love this one too,
wish the boys weren't in the background though,
but it's still cute coz Jed is making Zayne laugh...
on the swing again... lol
let me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
god he's a goose lol

Jed is off on his first BIG excursion tomorrow,he is going to canberra on the bus, and has to be at the school at 7.20am. Gets back at 6pm but they are ALWAYS late!I am a little worried about it...... :(

But anyway, on a brighter note lol,thanks to everyone who has left me love for my last couple of posts....I love coming on and seeing your comments!!Haven't really been around much lately over the last week, but I will make sure to visit you and leave some love soon too!!

P.S MUM, about him missing his shoe in the last post... LMAO, he would NOT let me put the other shoe on, so he got around like that for ages lol.


Felicity said...

they are STUNNING photos, they dont look to blurry :)

Teegs said...
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Teegs said...

awww how very cute!!! love them all:) especially love the 3rd and 4th ones:)

Linda said...

They are all fantastic photos are so lucky, they all look like they really love you taking their photo - hope it stays like that for you!


you always take the most gorgeous shots .... love the one of hte boys in the back ground...