Saturday, February 6, 2010

Today I {HEART}

Today I {HEART} lots of things...
Always love to hang out at BONS
It is such a great online community over there,
with so many gorgeous girls to chat to!!

This sunset...
Took these pics this evening, the sunset was just amazing..
We dont often get sunsets like this,
or if we do I am busy inside and dont see it.
These were taken from our backyard.
(using my polariser lens, untouched)

I {heart} Mark,
most days lol
LOVE to see these guys playing together so well,
without the general bitching and fighting that usually goes on...
I {HEART} the way he sleeps,
and the way he loves his little teddy/blankie...
I {HEART} these fabrics..
New for me today,
I just adore the bright colours..
The pink colours didnt turn up so well in the pic though,
they are really hot pink!
LOVE these dirty little feet and pants,
Evidence of a good day if your feet look like this at the end of it!!
this was also yesterdays pic over at bons..

What do you {HEART} today?


Sue said...

Love your sunsets today Tara.
So you went to spotties hey, lovely choice of fabric.
How do you make the great brackets around your heart, I tried all sorts of things and nothing would work?

Jane said...

fabulous photos Tara, and no wonder your {heart} those things, stunning piccies of your sunset :)

Felicity said...

What great things to {heart}. I love those dottie fabrics, cant wait to see what you do with them.
I love those grubby feet and those pegs too :)

Teegs said...

Love the Pic of Jed & Tani & little mate asleep (adorable. Do you take your photos in B & W or change them on the computer they always look so good (sharp) and love the fabric funky as and love the album you made with it:) mm lots of love in this comment hehehhehe but i just {heart} your creativity and you kiddies:)

Charmane said...

WOW loving all those photos Tara - just awesome!

You are next on the blogtrain and your word is:


OK time to jump aboard again for our next stop:

Love charmane

Jane said...

just me again Tara - choo, choo!!!!!!

Linda said...

Wow gorgeous {hearts} Tara....just love your photography!!!

Rachel said...

Wow that mini is stunning and as always your photos are just awesome!

Nicole said...

I'm loving looking at your pics, always inspiring.


Kristy said...

Great photos Tara

Sue said...

Awww, her first lost tooth. Hope the tooth fairy doesn't have any trouble finding it all wrapped up under her pillow? Nan told me it was not going to get lost.

Mal said...

gorgeous photos!!! wow!!! and that mini is fantastic!

Melinda said...

gorgeous photos tara...

toot toot!!