Monday, February 8, 2010

My Mini

I thought the pics would show up a little better here,
but it seems they aren't going to..
Once again it's a BONS challenge!


Felicity said...

that mini just ROCKS. Great work :)x


YOU RAWKED that challenge tara.. its devine to say the least..

Jane said...

Have to agree with both Flis and Sandie, your mini is the BESTEST :), I've been loving your photos too you have a knack for a great piccie :)

Sheri said...

oh wow thats awesome.
cool as materials you used, love the one with the snails and birds at the back :-)

Pauly said...

Great mini album...that woulda took me 4ever!! To answer your question, my new camera is an Olympus twin lens 450. Lovin it...have got stacks to learn, but its all trial and error and fun on the way!!

Charmane said...

that is one awesome amazing mini!!! i lURVE it tara!

Love Charmane