Friday, September 30, 2011

Just quick...

We are headed off for the weekend,

I have pretty much everything packed, just waiting for Mark to get home before we leave,

so I thought I would quickly chuck these pages on my blog!!!!

First up is a just coz...

I took these pics using the hipstamatic app on my iphone while Tani was getting her ears pierced, not the best pics, but GREAT for the record..

I'm glad I took them!!

Next up is a sketch at scrapbook savvy...

It only kind of looks like the sketch lol.
Happy long weekend to you all!!!
(do you all have one? I have no idea lol...... )

It is forecast to RAIN all weekend where we are headed, but I am so excited to see my mum and my sisters.... Cant wait!! ♥

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a quick one..

I wanted to enter the sketch challenge at Anna's Craft Cupboard this month...

I just got an order from her yesterday and I want MORE,

so I hope to WIN... hahahaha

So this is the sketch.

and this is my page..


As usual I have changed it up a little to suit me.

The general layout has stayed the same,

I just switched the elements along the bottom from right to left.

Just a quick one i whipped up this afternoon after cleaning my desk from last weeks effort lol.

now its messy again.......!

Monday, September 26, 2011

STUCK?!.... and

Tani got her ears pierced!!!

She wanted them done for her 8th birthday,
but we waited until the school holidays, just incase they were sore..
She was great, she said they barely hurt,
and so far they have been good... (touch wood lol)
She got them done on Saturday 24th Sept,
at DIVA in Wagga..
The 2nd STUCK?! sketch has been up for a while,
but you still have a few days to get your entries in!
This is the sketch....
And this is my layout..


I have flipped it around, and once again changed it around a little to suit myself lol....
Hope you can give it a go!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back again...

I have been scrapping!!

Along with my other commitments I had to get done,

I have done these challenges....

The challenge is

1. White

2. The word ON

3. White space

I love white, and white space lol, so thought i would give it a go!

The challenge was to use some household 'ephemera'..

I have used a tag off Zayne's new Thomas pjamas he will be getting for his birthday.... {shh lol}

The challenge was fabric and stitching,

of which I have used both!

{and Kraft of course}

Journaling on this layout is about Tani telling me I look like a blowfly when I'm wearing these glasses... Which I do lol.

I had another pair of sunnies,

which BROKE, and these are my only back-ups.. I can NOT go outside with no sunnies :(


Close ups of the stitching, incase you didnt believe me lol...

Thats it for now :-)


I have also fixed up the pics in the post below,

they were REALLY off!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

2 challenges...

** edited with new pics**

The first is for WHITE WITH 1

The challenge was to use white + pale pink + journal on the photo..

It took me a couple of days to get this layout together,

and i dont really like the way it turned out.

The challenge was to use CLIPS!!

It features my gorgeous sisters.. Love them x


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tanika's 8th Birthday!

This year my beautiful baby girl turned EIGHT!!

I know i say it all the time,

but i really cant believe how fast she is growing up :(

She is such a beautiful person,

inside and out and I just love her to bits!!

So this year she had a birthday party,

she had the choice between a sleepover (inviting 3 girls)

or a party (inviting 12 girls)...

She chose a PARTY (pheeeeeew, wiping my brow lol)..

She had one girl not turn up, so the ones that we here were..

Liana, Tully, Phoebe, Molly, Caitlin, Sharni, Lara, Zoe, Chantelle, Chloe, Ebony...

as well as her baby bro Zayne, and Bryelle and James..

Tegan done her hair, and she looked so pretty ♥

Opening pressies,
Zayne is such a good helper lol.........

Such a mess....

and yep out of everything she loved the small bundle of barbie stanionery the most..

Typical lol

Such a delicate pressie opener!!

I wasnt going to put any pics of the other girls up here,

as I dont have permission,

But had to put a cake pic up :-)

She was going to have an '8' cake,

but we had a cake disaster the night before lol.......!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's STUCK?! time again!!!

The september 1st sketch is up HERE

Such a cute little sketch, and i so wanted to do a girly layout with it,

but my boys have been SO neglected with my scrapping lately.

Jed especially, I really struggle scrapping him (he is 10)...

So its Zayney this time :)

Hope you give it a go!!

Layouts are to be linked to the site by midnight on the last day of the month....

(yes i have no clue what DATE that is lol..)