Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Pretty Girl...

Tani's 6th Birthday was on thursday, these pics are from then..
She had a little party today with five of her little school friends,
the weather wasn't the best for it, but they all had fun.. :-)

She got a little Barbie toy cash register, and absolutely loves it, a Pandora Bracelet with 2 charms, lots of clothes, a stuffed littelest pet shop toy, a book, a pair of shoes and a bag and some window stickers all from us.. The cute dress she is wearing here is from Craig and Tegan, It is so cute! She also got a few pandora charms from other people.. Nanny, Mark, Sheri and Tiff. Farm Poppy and Auni. Grandad. and Karen, Matt, Chris and James. as well as numerous other things today.. Including a bloody chalk board..... Thanks Karen!! lol

Friday, August 14, 2009

10 Months

Zayne turned 10 months on monday,
these pics were all taken that day..
He was absolutely miserable,
Not sure if it was his top teeth moving up and down or if he was sick.
But he had so much snot it was ridiculous..
So no smiley pics this time, lol, you just get him as he was...

So at 10 Months Zayne is:
  • 12.6 kg.. He is such a chunky bubba!!
  • 76.5cm long.. Quite short compared to his weight..
  • Walking... He toddles all over the place now, would much rather walk than crawl although crawling gets him there much quicker. Sometimes he can walk the length of the house othertimes he gets only a few steps and falls on his bum.. All part of the learning process though and I'm sure he will be running in no time lol. (First steps July 24th.. 9 1/2 Months)
  • Playing with the kids a lot more. He absolutely adores Jed, and often follows him around like a little puppy dog :0)
  • Eating soooo much more of our foods. Haven't actually seen him reject anything in his 9th month that I can recall. He has eaten things he wouldn't even let get near his mouth a few months ago... Including Spaghetti Bog, Lasagna, Enchilada's, Tuna Casserole, Plenty of Meats and Veg. He loves his Veggies, especially greens like Broccoli, Zucchini etc. He will now even eat mashed potato.. So massive improvement there!!
  • He has taken to pulling things out of drawers. Especially Jed's clothes and our DVD's.
  • Waving. When he feels like it, doesn't yet put it to a Hello or Goodbye.
  • Pointing. He often points and yells 'DO DO DO DO' lol, you really feel told off when he does it to you. I often get it in the afternoon when Mark gets home, lol like he is telling on me.. Not sure what it is I do wrong lol....
  • Clapping. Once again when he feels like it. He does often clap when he is standing up though, thinks he's pretty clever.
  • Can now hold his own bottle, on occasion, he has been very lazy in doing that!! He would rather swing it around and play with it though.
  • Loves his bath time, think it is his favourite time of the day. Still puts up the biggest fight when getting dressed after the bath though.. It's funny he only does it after his bath.... In the mornings he is fine..?
  • Wearing size 0's and 1's.. Depending on the actual clothes, both are fitting him quite well. And size 5 shoes.. OMG he is such a spoilt little bugger with his clothes and shoes. He has soooo many..... :-) he he
  • Had the most horrible month for sleeping. Waking everynight between around 10.45pm and 12.30pm, and then would not sleep unless he was in our bed. Then he would kick the crap out of me all night, and wake everytime he moved or I moved... Very very frustrating. I had the biggest black bags under my eyes I had ever seen, I could have been packing for the trip of a lifetime LOL...
  • He is getting a little better in the pram, he doesn't whinge quite so much, although I do still carry him most places.. lol all 12.6kg of him...
  • He quite enjoys shopping so long as he is sitting in the trolley. He sits up there and gives everyone his cute little baby smiles. He hasn't started trying to climb out of the trolley or pram yet either.. I don't imagine it will be long before that starts.

Well what a ramble that was lol...

** On the sleep subject, since monday night he has actually been pretty good. He was sick that night, went to sleep early and back up at 10pm, after that didn't get back to sleep till almost midnight, then slept till 6am, then in bed with me. Everynight since he has been in bed at 8.30, and slept till around 2.30 am - ish. He has a bottle in his cot and back to sleep in his cot til around 7.30 am. I am still usually up for 1.5 - 2 hours, but its heaps better than all night!! I even put him in bed awake last night and he put himself to sleep, then again for nap time today.. With NO crying!! So thats only been 4 nights now, we will see how it goes...