Thursday, January 29, 2009

Am I Happy or am I Sad?

It's my baby girls first day of Kindy today.
She was so excited and couldn't wait to go, she has been counting down the days
for about 6 months..
It's sad to see her go, but I know she is ready.
She knows so much more than Jaiden did when he went,
and she listens and follows instuctions well.
I'm so sure that she is going to do well, and love going to school.
Except for the fact that she has to leave her shoes and socks on all day, LOL she wasn't impressed with that, and asked if she even had to leave them on at lunch-time.
There is only a bit over an hour until she has to be picked up now..
I hope she is enjoying her day.

Jed's first day was yesterday,
and as per usual he came home in a mood.
He really hates school.
The little man sits!!
LOL yeah, he leans over and looks like a monkey,
but he is sitting, all by himself.
This was the best pic i could show because he had no nappy
on and the others were a bit rude..
(15 weeks 4 days)
and he rolls..
He rolled over for the first time the day we left Bermi.
while I was in the shower.
(15 weeks 1 day)
These are some pics from our holiday at Bermi.
I got soooooo many that I LOVE.
But I will just show a few..
Me and Zayne taken the day we left.
Mum took it, and I love it.. Heaps.. :-)
One of my favourite pics ever I think, with me in it anyway,
coz I hate pics of me!

Our family, taken by Sheri..
Got some posed ones as well, with us looking at the camera,
which are nice, but I really like this one.

This is Tiffy's sunflower..
I have been trying out the manual setting on my camera..

A pretty beach, no idea what it's called, I took the pic over the edge of a cliff.

Bermi main street, taken from the park across from mum's shop.

Cranky lips.
LOL she really didn't want me to take a pic of her.
Love this one
He looks so calm, not like the terror that he is,
and was being right before and after i took the pic.

15 weeks

The 5 kids,
my 3 and my 2 little sisters,
on the jetty

Me and my baby sisters.
I love you guys and miss you heaps!!

Well thats just a few of my pics,
I might put a few more up in the next few posts...
You know, I have not done any layout this year!!
Not even 1!!
I am hoping to do one before January ends, but not sure if I will manage to or not..
Hope you are having a good week and have a good air-coditioner!

I don't and I am HOT!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm going on a ....

lol to Bermi,
where the sun doesn't shine,
and the wind always blows.
But it's summer, and it's a holiday...
Thats the main thing...:-)
Hopefully it will be warm enough for the kids
to go swimming at the beach and
Mum will get to see Zayne for the first time since he was
just 5 days old.
Forgot bout pics today,
so I took them tonight, thats why the colour is a bit
off and they are a bit dark.
We went to work today, since there was
a wedding on, I had to do the 2 bridesmaids bouquets
(lol would you belive I have worked at the florist for 6.5 years
and I still don't know how to spell that!!)
The kids were Pretty good,
Jed is such a good babysitter for Zayne,
He keeps him occupied while I am busy....
Don't know what I will do when they go to school :-(
anyways.... lol

He is sitting himself up here,
pulls himself up,
then promptly falls on his face...
We went to the pool on wednesday arvo,
it got to 41*c here and was HOT HOT HOT.
Took the kids down and Zayne loved it,
he sat there in the water for almost an hour,
just floating around, taking it all in.
He really likes water!!
First time in the pool, had to get some pics...
I took my little old camera,
coz I didn't want to look like a dill with my big one there :0)
Pics are OK but would have been better with my good camera...

He only lasted in the floaty thigy for bout 10 mins then sat with me on the step..
Sheri and Zayne the day she went home,
she was here for almost 2 weeks and we didn't take any pics the whole time... :0(
She was such a good help with Zayne,
Except when it comes to poopy nappies,
LOL I made her change one and she wasn't even a little bit happy bout that!!
How cute is this little toosh... :-)

Probably should go to bed,

Haven't even started packing for our summer holiday,

Have got tonnes to do tomorrow before we leave including washing,

but ah well there is no rush!!


What is with the big gaps blogger puts between rows at the bottom of my posts??

OMG so annoying!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

13 weeks and some random pics

13 weeks/ 3 months already!!

I'm sure I say it every time but I really can't believe how fast it's going!

at 3 months Z:

  • is smiling and Laughing alot, especially when I call him "Beautiful" and "Gorgeous"

  • is 9.1 kg

  • is 65.5cm long

  • is still VERY hard to get to sleep at night, usually goes down around 10.30pm

  • Occasionally sleeps through the night, waking between 6 - 7 am
  • Always sleeps in my bed after his morning feed (I know, BAD habit to get into)
  • Jumps in the Jolly Jumper every night while we eat dinner
  • Needs to be the centre of SOMEONES attention 100% of the time or he is whingeing
  • is hardly sleeping during the day at all, he is lucky to sleep 1/2 hour all day
  • Has just started to give big wet sloppy kisses
  • is Very, very, very cute
  • Has 2 nicknames... Mr Beautiful and Captain Grumbles, depending on his mood

These 3 pics are his 13 week pics

he wouldn't smile or look at me

Gorgeous little smiles.

Look at his poor cheek, scratched himself so bad on saturday morning it actually bled :-(

First ever feed of Farax today,

thaught it might of stopped him grumbling a bit,

but I was wrong he is still going strong..

He moved while taking this pic,
ending up in the corner.
Also taken with manual settings which i still dont get....

but I love it :-)

3 Months old,

Made this one 'vintage'

I think it looks good, very different anyway...


Now just some random pics..

The old trike in our backyard


Pics from our drive along Goobragandra Power Line road

Awesome textures and patterns in the creek

Rickety old bridge and Creek
A bolt from that rickety old bridge
Power Lines
Old dead tree

and some spider webs
One lone leaf

Friday, January 2, 2009

Massive pic post.....

It's the busy season and I have been busy with my camera!!
After so long of taking hardly any pics I have gotten back into it again...
No scrapping though, not for weeks and weeks.. :-(
These first pics are of Zayne today, at 12 weeks...
I have no idea how much he weighs since the clinic is closed until next week, but he sure is heavy!!
I got a dead arm carrying him in the chemist this afternoon.
He is wearing the little outfit I got him for xmas, The shorts are an '0' and the top is '00'....

These are all xmas pics in no particular order..
We went to the Upper Murray Holiday Resort for lunch, was nice, different, but not nearly as good as a traditional home christmas IYKWIM.. Saw a lot of family there that we don't see often
as well as my Dad and Auni, and Craig and Tegan (who were seedy from a night out on the town the night before... he he he)
Anyway here are a few pics from the day...
Tani helping Zayne unwrap a pressie from Santa
After lunch at Jingelic, he loves this little giraffe he got from Aunty Susan and Family..

All the presents in the world and she is playing with nail files out of the bon - bons???
Go figure hey, Thats Tanika for you...
OMG how gorgeous is this pic, totally love it...
Its a bit out of focus but ah well..
Absolute excitement plus!!!
It was the LEGO Crystal Reaper from Santa!!!
He has been asking for one of these for MONTHS!!!
After lunch, playing with his new Nintendo DS, from us...
It was a huge hit as well.
Bladestar, also been wanting this forever...
Santa's milk and milk duds...
Its pretty sad when ya don't have any cookies to offer hey..
Although Jed enjoyed the crumbs Santa left on the plate when he got up in the morning!!
Opening the DS
My babies First Christmas....
And of course he wakes up with a massive scratch on his face doesn't he!!
Zayne and my Dad..
Yep all the pics of present opening are of Jed, always happens ya get more pics of one than the other...
The pics of Tani are either crap or the back of her head.
We did absolutely NOTHING New Years Eve..
Spent the whole night trying to get Zayne to sleep.
He didn't go down till 12.30am.
Little bugger..... Looks like tonight might be the same too... Aaaargh!
Anyway.... LOL
We went bush on New Years Day, up to Buddong Falls and The Hut,
We trecked to the falls and I swear it nearly killed me...
Well the walk back anyway, there was mostly down hill
OMG I am sooooooo out of shape!!!
But I got lots of nice piccies :D
I have edited them all in PS, an I LOVE the way they have turned out.....

My Family (minus me as usual)
Down at the falls..
This one was at the end of the track on the way back, notice they don't look even a little pooped???
I was almost crawling at this stage...
And sweating...
And puffing...
Look at them chubby little cheeks...
Too cute!!
And of course the falls....Some dry leaves hanging over the track..
I was trying for some 'Different' pics this time...
The sign on the bridge,
I love how the moss is growing in the letters.
Now onto the hut, which I think is about 5ks from the falls.
I love the rustic look of huts..
These have obviously been photoshopped quite a bit..
Lovin' PS at the moment :D
The chimney at the side...
Man am I glad I am living in the 21st century,
could you imagine living in one of these???
Jed in the hut, looking out the window..

Tani out front of the hut..

I was experimenting with the manual settings on my camera here..

The actual pic I took was really pale and washed out, I have massively altered this in PS...

And another with manual settings, also altered alot...

Would love to learn how to use it properly, just think I am too lazy, it seems soooooo hard and so much to remember..

Well thats about all I think I should overload you with, have HEAPS more pics but I'm sure

no-one else finds them as interesting as I do.... :D

If you stop by leave me a message and I will come visit you....

oh and a big HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!!