Monday, June 27, 2011

say WHAT????!!!

yep i'm going to do a post,

a REAL post,

it's been a long, long time,

and to be honest I wasnt sure I was going to be adding personal pics etc,

on here any more..

But here goes...

We went to the snow yesterday 26/6 with a few other people..

and I took PICS!! lol

I am hardly getting my camera out these days,

I am more so going with the flow and enjoying the moment,

so while I did get pics,

there arent many lol..


This first one is a fave,

Mark and the kids taking a walk to look at the old cemetery on the hill.

My sweet baby girl..
LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic..
We stopped for a loo break here lol
{there was an actual toilet behind me lol}
The hills..
I have seen them with tonnes more snow than this before,
but they looked quite pretty like this!

My boys,
playing while lunch was getting made.
{I cropped this so you cant tell how close to road they were playing lol}
I have a few more, but this will do..
I think the story of the day will be when we pulled some QLDers
out of a bog..
They had driven off the side of the road and parked somewhere
they really shouldnt have.. so they could toboggan.
They had been stuck for quite a while before we got there,
but they got out so all was well in the end!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


lately I am struggling to get any scrapping done..

I find my self lacking in motivation, time and creativity.

also its REALLY cold at my desk lol.

so besides from my CT pages for next month,

I have done these 2, oh and another that I wont show coz it was SO BAD lol..


This first page is for SCRAP THE GIRLS....

hopefully I can figure out how to link it lol

This one, i'm pretty sure was a 'just because'...

i really cant remember if i created it for a challenge or not!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Charms Creations...

Charms creations sale, going live this friday night at 7.30pm..

I have used some of her lollipops on a few of my latest pages,

including my sample for KIU this month, and STUCK?! sketches..

I have also used one in this page below..

They are SO CUTE!!

And this is my page for STUCK?! June 15th

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stuck June 1st

My sample for the first STUCK?! sketch this month!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This is my last CT page at Kraft it Up

Requirements are 'timeline', 3 or more photos and journalling about the pics!

Hope you all give it a go!