Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today, I decided to TRY to get a family pic,
once each month for the year... {as seen on Tara Whitney's blog}
Seeing as today is the 2nd last day of the month,
and the last day we will all be together,
besides from a few rushed hours in the morning,
it had to be today!
I got a pic, of everyone looking and smiling,
but this is the one i love the most...
Zayne wanted to take a pic, so he pushed the button,
and we both raced back for the pic.
He obviously moved the camera while he was at it,
but thats OK..
I love it just the way it is!
Wonder if i will manage the whole year??
I seriously doubt it lol...

Monday, January 24, 2011

I think...

I have a thing for polka dots lol..
Not sure if I have put these here before,
but sick of looking at the same thing everytime i click in here!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Bon's Cyber Crop starts at 8.30pm,
why don't you come join in!
If you need to register to join in leave me a comment here,
with your new user name and i will make sure you get activated!

Monday, January 10, 2011

TOP TEN of 2010

Obviously not including those that are out for publication..
It was REALLY hard to choose ten out of all the pages i have done this year,
as there werent many that i DON'T like..
Number one would have to be my masters single,
but I dont have a decent pic of that so i'm not going to put it up lol.
So this first one is MY FAVE..
after that they are not in any particular order.


Thumb sucker- My beautiful little niece Bryelle,
page was completed for Bon's colour challenge during the November CC.
I just love everything about this one :-)
Girl cousins - October 2010
so simple, and came together in just a few minutes,
love the birdcage, colours and design
My little santa boy - Page was completed {during dec 2010} for
January 2011 White With One challenge blog.
Love the design and colours of this one, and how well they work together!

Thanks for being my girl - Completed for Skye's write now
{november} challenge at Bon's.
Love the design of this one, the VERY rare photo of me and my
girl, and the journalling. The best thing about the 'write now' challenges
is the fact that they push you out of your comfort zone,
and make you write about something you normally wouldn't!


Vintage Glam - Completed october 2010,
to be entered into a challenge at the Batlow apple blossom festival.
{won 2nd place}
Love the photo, colours and kind of vintage feel to this one.


Shy - September 2010
for KIU ct page
Love the pics {my beautiful sis} the colours and the bold design.
and those Jenni Bowlin butterflies *LOVE*

Fog - August 2010
We had some amazing fog's this year, i'm so glad i managed to catch a pic of it..
so eerie, but awesome at the same time!
Love, love, love those prima alpha's and that crotchet flower.

Just waiting - August 2010, completed as part of my CT application for KIU.
Pics were taken on the day baby Bryelle (my niece) was DUE..
Love the simplicity of the page and that sewing *SIGH*

Little Grin - July 2010 for august KIU.
Love it all, the pic, the paint, the stamps, the butterflies,
Just love it.

Absolute cuteness - May 2010
think this will forever be one of my favourite photo's,
love the colours, papers etc used in this one.


So so hard to pick my faves, as i said as i have had a great scrapping year,where i have loved most things i have done. One thing i have noticed though, is that although i do get quite a lot of pages accepted for publication very rarely are they the ones i LOVE..Which is a shame, but never mind.

After seeing all these pages now i REALLY wish my mojo would come home :-(

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new month scrapping!


White With ONE

STUCK?! 1st sketch


Sunday, January 2, 2011

vintage cuteness..

Love these pics taken thismorning..
didnt get the one i wanted, but these are cute all the same lol