Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm Back :0)

Well yeah I know I didnt actually go anywhere, but I havent updated my blog for a long time, and have been reminded a few times that I should, so here I go....

I think my last post was some time in November, since then we havent really done anything exciting, and I havent really done a whole heap of scrapping either....
We spent Christmas Day at Dad and Auni's farm, it was a good day, the food was yummy as usual, the kids got tonnes of presents, and had a great day, I think the highlight was when they got to pat the cows, or when they got to throw rocks in the river.
It was a great day for all, but I did really miss my brothers and sisters, it was the first christmas I have spent without any of them...

Boxing day was spent doing pretty much nothing but playing with their new toys...
We went back to Dad and Auni's place on Saturday and spent the night, it was their housewarming party.... There was a lot of family there, My Nan and Pop on Dad's side as well as 3 of his brothers... It was a good night although I had a horrible nights sleep in the hut...

New Years Eve we had a BBQ at home with Matt, Karen and Chris... Was just a very quiet one.

It was great to see Tegan while she was here for christmas, although I do wish that craig could have come home too...

Ummm what else.... The laundry hasnt has much done to it since my last post.. On New Years Day I plastered the corners of the walls, and all the wall joins, I done a pretty good job too I reckon :0) LOL even if I do say so myself... Although with one corner to go I ran out of plaster, so I gotto wait till we get some more to finish the job..

Cant really think of anything else I need to write about, so here are my recent Layouts, in no particular order...
Some I like, Some I dont...

This one I done last night and I do quite like it... I made some sculpey buttons just for it
Its a pretty old photo, taken early in 2006
This one was for Karen's last class, It's done off a sketch.
Also an old photo, It was one of our 2005 Xmas photo shoot pics.. Just a random one, dont really like this one
This one was also for Karens Class last month
Another recent one, just done it last night/thismorning....
Another old photo from early 2006..
I'm a bit undecided whether I like this one or not....
Another Christmas one, just very simple.
The first double I have done for a LONG time.... Its not crooked like it looks in the pic though....
The photo's are from Jed's first year at kindy
This one was for a CC at scrapworld.... It had to have paint used on the LO somewhere
Another old photo of my gorgeous girl... Early 2006
Another one from the scrapworld CC.... This one was for a sketch challenge, which I won :0)
Another old pic, from 2005 xmas shoot..
The next 2 are the canvas' that I made my kiddo's for xmas this year, to hang in their rooms...
Not the best pics, but the flash reflects off the mod podge to get a good one.. Oh and Tani's was up high on the wall and I was too lazy to pull it down to take the pic..

Another CC LO.... Love the photo (from QLD hols in 2004) but dont really like the LO very much
Little miss Drama Queen .... I done this to submit to SC for the drama queen theme but havent sent it in as of yet, I dont really love it :0(
This one I do really like.... It was done for the january sketch challenge at Scrapworld..
More old pics, these are from December 2005
This was from the last CC at Scrapbook Divas.... I won the challenge it was in :)
Another from the Scrapbook Divas CC, and another old photo, this one is Tanikas first christmas 2003
Just a random... Love the pic of the kids, they remind me of two old fellas standing around having a "chin wag" LOL
OK looks like thats it for the LO's...
Just a couple of pics now.... This one is Tani on xmas morning, gotta love that bed hair.
I'm glad my kids dont get up super early xmas morning though, I think it was about 7.30am this year and by the time we had brekky n stuff they didnt start opening pressies till about 8.15am
Jed on Xmas night... Playing with one of his new toys, Its a Mega Blocks Dragon castle set, He loves it!!

Just a random piccy of an Ice Cream Face!!
My little man's last day of Kindy... It was supposed to be his second last day, and I only took the pic on that day because the next day he would be wearing his sports uniform, but he ended up being quite sick the next day and had to stay home from school... And I had to take him to work with me :0(

Cutie Patootie :0)

I took these pics when we went out to the river to have dinner with Teegs and her Family... They have so much fun together, and Jed had a great time playing cricket with all the boys...
We miss you soooo much Tegan, I wish you guys would come home!!!

Well thats about it for now, It took me ages to write all this stuff, so I dont think I will let myself get so far behind again.... Maybe I should make it a New Years Resolution!!!