Friday, February 27, 2009

20 Weeks!!!

How bloody cute is this kid!!!
Went to the clinic this morning, at 20 weeks he is
spot on 10kg! eek!!
I brought the clothes he is wearing yesterday at target,
they were on clearance, got the overalls, shirt and hat for about $10.80!!
(they are a set)
They were so cute, I had to get them even though the last thing he needs is more
clothes... Spoilt little bugger!!
These are his 20 week pics.
Taken in the backyard while I was hanging the washing this morning.
lol, don't look at our completely dead grass..
(cept for that one green patch in the first one, wonder if we have a broken pipe??)

OMG what a chubba he is!!
and a dribbler!!

This one is completely over-exposed, but I love it!!
he is so cute!!

Thats it from me, off to work soon to hang muslin and fairy lights at the bowlie..

Should be fun with my whingey son....


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just a quick one...

Nothing is going on round here.
Zayne has been playing up a bit,
doesn't like to go to bed at night,
and has been waking alot during the night.
Mark's b'day is tomorrow.. He will be 29!!!
Just a pic of some trees..
photoshopped coz my camera takes shit pics of things like this.
I need to take more pics of my other 2 kids.
They have all been of Zayne lately.
But he is pretty cute....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

4 Months

This spunky Little Dude is 4 months already..
Well last friday he was.
He is soooo cute and loveable, lol most of the time :-).
At 4 Months he:
  • Is just starting to eat solids on a semi-regular basis, he has some for one meal sometimes everyday, usually every second day.
  • Has finally started to drink a bit of water, although he still really only plays with it, he isn't real sure what he is supposed to do with a bottle. Oh and he only drinks it if it has ice in it.
  • Is sleeping much better. Although everytime I say that he starts waking throughout the night heaps again, as he did last night :-(
  • Is rolling over both ways.
  • Gets around by pushing himself along the ground. He covers lots of distance like this, and often headbutts the tv cabinet.
  • Is starting to teathe. Poor bubba.
  • Reaches out for things.
  • Holds things.
  • Chews on EVERYTHING.
  • Dribbles and spews a fair bit.
  • Loves cuddles.
  • Gives the cutest big wet sloppy kisses.
  • Loves his big brother and sister.
  • Chats alot!! Lots of noise all the time.
  • Is wearing 3 different sized clothes, some 00's, some 0's some 1's.
  • He was 9.78kg last wednesday. Started packing it on again :-(
  • He was 68.5cm long 3 weeks ago. She didn't measure him last week.

Thats about it, that I can think of at the moment.

Here are a couple of 4 month pics..

Sitting up on his own.
You can see his dribbles and rashy cheeks in this one.
They get so red and sore.

One one of his trips around the loungeroom.
He goes straight for the handle on the dvd drawer and can open the drawer.
Cheeky boy!

The body suit he is wearing in the pic above is size 1 for ages 12 - 18 months!! I went shopping the other day and couldn't find any bodysuits in big w or kmart bigger than a size 0!! I wasn't real happy bout that, coz he is almost out of 0's....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

2 More Pages

This morning I remembered I had done 2 other digital pages that I didn't upload in the last post, I had forgotten about them... They were stuck in files they shouldn't have been and it took me ages to find them, but here they are....

We are off to Batlow today to see Nan and Pop and then out to Dad's for a swim in the creek... It is HOT HOT HOT here!! I have my fingers crossed that there are no more fires in the next couple of days...
Can't wait for next week when the temp is supposed to come back down again..
Hope you have a good weekend!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Damn it's HOT!!!

I am so over this heat!! It is driving me insane.... Not sure how hot it is today, but I am drenched in sweat, and i'm inside with the air-con going.. I feel so bad for the kids at school, they come home every afternoon with their hair plastered to their heads and sweat running down their faces. They have to sit inside those hot classrooms all day, with no airconditioners. I don't think they even have fans!! My air-con in my car isn't working either, which is wonderful *roll eyes*....

Anyway, enough whingeing... Zayne is 17 weeks today, Got him weighed last friday at 16 weeks and he was 9.23kg. He had only put on 130 grams in 3 weeks, which I was happy about. And he was 68.5cm. We will go in again wednesday for his 4 month weight, since we have to make appointments for the clinic now and i'm working on friday.. Well he will be 4 months on tuesday anyway so it doesn't matter... Got only crappy pics of him today, he wouldn't keep toys and hands out of his mouth!!
This one was during the week, his first time in the walker.. He doesn't like it much, except to chew on the bar and toys. Love that big smile though...
Didn't have much to write about today so I have put in a couple of pics from australia day..
Nothing special just a few random ones I took.

I finally leart how to digital scrap!!!
I haven't been getting into scrapping much lately,
I have tried but I just havent got it IYKWIM..
So I digi scrapped and this is what I came up with.
All made from Shabby Princess kits on PS.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have been really slack with these, I always forget to put them up, so I'm going to do them all together now...

This first one is from Nicole This one is from Sheri

This one from Mum

This is also from Mum... I had to find the 6th photo in the 6th file on my computer and upload it.
I delete my pics from my computer quite often so my photo was only recent, It was a pic of Zayne in the bath about 1 month ago.....
HOWEVER when I went to upload to blogger the files come up in a different order than they did in the file, and I ended up with this pic which was from our holiday to QLD in 2007... Not sure why I still have these pics on there though.
It's pretty funny, but terrible quality because it has been cropped so much. The pic is of Muli on the day he came to dreamworld with us...
I am not going to pass these on to anyone because i'm pretty sure they have been all the way around LOL.... If you want them though go ahead!!!
Will be back soon with a pic post :-)