Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love this pic

Just found this pic...
Sheri took it while she was here on holidays.
Love it!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

He Stands

Zayne started pulling himself up to stand on April 20th.
Age 6 Months 10 Days.
He pulled himself up on my legs while I was sitting on the floor with my legs straight out in front.
These pics were taken Friday 24th.
Standing up at his jungle toy..

Monday, April 20, 2009


I know it's been a while since Easter, but I am only just getting around to doing these pics..
The first 2 are from the last day of school, the kids had their Easter Hat parade,
Where they walk down the main street.
I went down and watched,
I didn't get any decent pics though coz people kept standing in front of them, ah well!
Tani just had the bunny ears, a bowtie,
and a basket filled with fake eggs and some chickens.
Bit hard to tell in the pic coz it's a bit bright.
I made Jed's hat for him again,
He only wanted to go in the parade so he didn't have to do school work...
The little bunny you can see at the top goes in and out of the egg.
These ones are from Easter Day.
The Easter Bunny didn't bring as many eggs this year as he left it a little late to purchase them.
All the ones he usually brings were already gone.

He brought Zayne 6 little eggs.
He tried one of them and didn't think too much of it..
As you may be able to tell from the look on his face.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

He's Crawling

Zayne started crawling properly today...
He has been doing it bit by bit over the last week,
just moving one arm and one leg at a time.
But this afteernoon he just got up and went.
He still commando crawls too though,
lol it gets him where he wants to go faster!!
I am so not ready for him to be crawling.
My baby is growing up way too fast... :-(

It's a bit hard to catch him crawling in a pic though,
this was the best I could get..
6 Months 9 Days

Sunday, April 12, 2009


6 Months has passed already..
These pics were taken at the park on good friday, when he actually turned 6 months..

At 6 months Zayne:

  • Is sitting very well.

  • Goes from sitting to crawl position.
  • Commando crawls. (Monday 6th April.. 5months 3weeks)
  • Smiles and laughs alot, especially at Jed and Tani.
  • Still loves baths, will settle him everytime.
  • HATES getting dressed.
  • Sits himself up on the change table, but can't on the ground..
  • Loves his toys.
  • Can occupy himself for a lot longer.
  • Is eating 3 meals a day.
  • Has started throwing tantrums!
  • Pulls my hair alot. :-(
  • Will now nap in the cot during the day.
  • Is waking 2-3 times most nights.... :-(
  • Sleeps in my bed for most of the night, otherwise doesn't sleep.
  • Sucks on everything. He especially loves phones, remotes and the powder bottle. lol
  • Sits up in the shopping trolley with both arms slung around the loops at the back. Looks very relaxed lol.
  • Weighs 10.42kg.
  • Is 71cm long.
  • Done much better with his needles this time around, but I am very glad it's 6 months till the next ones!!
  • Makes THE most annoying scratchy noise with his fingernails on my pillow while i'm asleep.
  • Is still in 0 clothing.
  • Has just had his first minor cold at around 5 1/2 months. Lasted for around 4 days I think.
  • Still doesn't have any hair, poor bubba.

Show Day

These pics are from last weekend..
Haven't posted them before now because me and photoshop have been fighting.
Still not on the best of terms.
Dunno whats going on with it, but it's not being at all friendly!
So anyway... We went to the show in Batlow,
The kids got their faces painted, got balloon animals made.
Jed got a sword, the kid after him got a rifle, he wished he got one of them lol..
Tani got a teddy bear.
They both chose thier own face paint designs and I didn't see them until they were finished.
Very lovely aren't they, lol.
They went on a jumping castle,
Jed got into trouble for climbing up the slide side.
They went on the dodgem cars.
Tani went on the clown sideshow.
Jed had a go of Laser Skirmish and loved it!!
He is actually pretty good at it!


I have a LO in this months SM.

Since Zayne was born I have not scrapped much, actually maybe since i was pregnant.. I have done bugger all. But this was one of them. Got a full page too which is pretty cool!

Anyway thats it for now, will be back later with Zayne's 6 month update and some easter pics.. Well I will if PS co-operates anyway...


Thursday, April 2, 2009


14 TODAY!!
love ya chicky xxx