Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just a quick one...

I have been trying to update more often, not going that great, but definately better than my once every 6 months I was doing before..... :-)

I have just ordered some xmas pressies online at snapfish.... It was the best deal ever, I got photo books for a few of the family and ended up saving $120 (almost half of what they were worth) .... They look really good, just hope they are as good in real life!! I can't wait to see them..

I got Zayne weighed again yesterday, at 7 weeks he is 7.5kg... He only put on 1/2kg in 2 weeks instead of 1kg in 2 weeks, hopefully he is starting to slow down a bit with his weight gain... Although his little rolls are so cute!!
Below is his 7 week photo... Cute little smiles with a big belly, lol his legs aren't as short as they look in the pic either!

How cute is this... He was having a bath in the laundry tub, just so he could float around a bit... He fills his bath sooo much most of him sits out of the water! He is too long for the tub, but can at least sink down a little..
Trying to get a nice pic of Jed smiling with his big gap, he is now missing 4 top teeth... Tani has sauce on her face from lunch :-)
As you might guess, I didnt get a good pic of the gap, but ah well, after all the great pics I got last time I can't complain.... I like this one anyway, even if it wasnt what I was after.... Cheeky boy!!

I have a few layouts to share as well, but havent taken any pics due to REALLY crappy weather... So stay tuned for them I will upload soon, hopefully tomorrow if the weather clears a bit....

Hope you are all having a good weekend!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Some new pics...

Life has settled down a "little" here.. Zayne went 2 nights sleeping almost all the way through, I was hoping he would keep it up, but it doesnt look like that will be happening. He has decided he absolutely does NOT want to go to sleep at night, its strange because he struggles to stay awake during the day. I just hope he settles soon because I am supposed to be going back to work next week, just for a few hours here and there but I dont know how I will go if we are still having such messed up sleeping patterns...

I went shopping in wagga on the weekend, Just Mark, Zayne and I went, Jed and Tani had a sleep over at Farm Poppy's and Auni's which they loved, even though Jed got COLD weet-bix for breakfast LOL he was horrified about that.. He has 4 every morning but they have to be warm!!! I FINALLY got myself a new washing machine!! It has been such a long time coming, I just never wanted to spend the cash on one while the other was still working. I can now do so much more washing at a time which is good.. I also got a few more christmas presents. I think I almost done now, I just want to get Tani a cuttlekid :-)

ummm what else??? I took some nice piccies of Karen's family yesterday, you should go on over to her blog and check them out!
I think thats about it, it has been a quite uneventful week!!

I took some pics of the kids in their xmas hats today.. I really like the way they have come out, its hard to choose a favourite I like so many of them!!

and lastly just a LO that I dont really like.... Its the 2nd time I have tried to scrap that pic, which I LOVE but just not liking what I come up with for it... ah well...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Twice in a week!

Twice in a week, can you believe it!!!
We went to the clinic on friday Zayne is now 6.93kg (15lb 5oz)... At 5 weeks!!!! He is over 1.5kg heavier than Jed and Tani were around the same age, but he was only just 230 grams heavier at birth. He is getting so big so fast, its sad coz he is my last baby :-(... The pic above is his 5 week pic which was taken on friday... Love those BIG smiles we are getting... (and the chubby chins that go with them)... :-)

We had a good day out today, we went to Goob with Muli and Lindy had a bbq lunch and they all had a swim in the creek, lol not me though, i'm not crazy!!! Got some good pics i think and Zayne was pretty good most of the time, he got a little fussy around lunchtime but thats pretty much normal now.. So yeah, we all had fun.

How funny is this pic ^^ If you look in the background you can see Tani has jumped just as I took the pic, both her feet are off the ground... I think it looks cool.

There were a heap of other pics too, but didnt want to be too boring..
In other news Craig and Tegan are moving back home... I am soooo excited and can't wait!!! I spent a little while on the phone with Craig tonight, I miss him heaps and am so glad they FINALLY decided to come back!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My little fatty :0)

Time flies past so fast these days, its hard to find the time to blog...
Zayne is growing so big so fast, I havent had him weighed for 2 weeks, but back then he was 12lb 9oz, I am hoping to make it to the clinic on friday.. I was going today but nothing I planned for today got done due to the fact that I slept in :( oops..
He has still not settled in well at all, still feeding every 3 hours which is making life difficult, he has started sleeping a little better during the night, but has now decided that he wont nap during the day... LOL I just cant win..
We ended up having to put him in the cot already because he was almost touching either end of the bassinet, I think he was feeling a little trapped in there coz he filled it so much. I also tried him on a bottle of formula this afternoon because he was feeding constantly from 11.30am till around 3.30pm.. He has been doing it for weeks, and I got a bit over it! I'm hoping he will go a little longer between feeds with the formula, still unsure if I want to actually put him on a bottle full time or not though...

I had some sad news last week, our old neighbour Bart passed away on thursday night, we lived next door to him and Ginny for many years and they were just like family.. His funeral is tomorrow.
Not much else to talk about, as I have not been doing much.. How exciting am I LOL...

Just have a few pics to show.. This one was taken the week before last, Zayne has started smiling a little and I managed to capture this one, it was taken the day after his first smile at 3.5 weeks.. How cute is it, I love it :-)
Little brother and big brother playing together on Zaynes new play mat.. From the looks of him I dont think he is very sure about it... He is 23 days old in this pic.

Can you believe what a difference a month can make? This first pic was taken just after we got home from hospital, He is 22 hours old in this one....

and 32 days in this one... He is so fat now, its sooo cute!!

After his bath this morning. Love them little fat rolls :-)

Just took this one before, have been trying to get him to have a sleep since around 11am, but everytime I put him in his cot he wakes up, so I put him in the pram instead and so far he's been asleep for around an hour, not sure what it is about the cot but he wont sleep in there during the day...

My latest 2 Layouts...

Thats about it I think, so I will probably see you in another month!!! ;0)