Monday, December 20, 2010

take 3

totally random santa hat shoot,
kids were in an OK mood,
and the backyard was gloomy and overcast {perfect for pics} so i grabbed the hats and them
and herded them up to the cement step at the fence..
They co-operated a bit lol
they sat, they smiled, they were wearing horrible clashing colours
{jed was, cant tell in these pics lol}..
but i love them!
Group shot..


sit here Tani {hehe too cute!}

funny little snot face..
dont know what the look is about lol

sit here Tani again....
love this shot of my boys :-)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not so much..

scrapping so far this month,
due to a lack of time, energy and mojo.. :-(
Two that i can show,
that i dont mind lol....
First one is for 123 Challenge
they are looking for new CT members over there too,
click on the link to check it out!

This one is for The Colour Room...
yes lol i scraplifted myself!
This page is being featured over there this week too :-)
I am really loving greens and browns together lately!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


can you believe its the 15th of the month already??
so that means the 2nd STUCK?! sketch for the month is UP!
Also don't forget that there is a call out for new CT Members,
details are on the Stuck?! blog!


Monday, December 13, 2010


Zayne just went FOUR hours with no nappy..
NO wee's, on the floor OR in the toilet,
four bloody hours!
and as soon as I put his nappy on to go to bed he pee'd in it!
I just knew he was going to do it... :-(

Friday, December 10, 2010


What's been happening in your world?
not a lot happening here,
we still have until wednesday til school holidays start
{not sure why they finish so EARLY though?}
I remember when i was a kid,
waaaaay back then lol
We would usually break up only a couple days before xmas.
ah well.
When I say not a lot happening that was kind of a lie,
just nothing in MY personal life lol.
Our region is experiencing some of the worst floods in
about 50 years, we have had huge amounts of rain which
has made our dams go from almost empty 12 months ago
to overflowing, literally overflowing.
The spillways are going and they have also been releasing water through
the flood gates too, which has caused significant flooding
downstream from us.
We have copped it, but nowhere near as bad as others..
Tegan's little sis also had her baby TWINS!
There were 11 weeks premmy,
but are healthy and doing well!
I am yet to see any pics but i'm sure they are gorgeous :D
Oh, a bit of personal news,
which i'm sure you have all heard by now
is that I am a SBM Master!
It's strange to be allowed to tell, since I have known for so long,
I am glad the cat is finally out of the bag,
even though I dont know of ANYONE who has seen the mag?
No exciting stories from me about finding out either lol.
Oh and YAY we now have XMAS plans lol..
good thing about our family if you procrastinate long enough someone
will step up to the mark!
What else?
I think thats it...
I have heaps of layouts to photograph,
only a few that I can share though..
Hopefully will be back with them sometime soon.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

It a HUGE moment

in this household..
Tani's crooked tooth fell OUT,
I was absolutely devastated when it got knocked sideways
on July 4th, 2006 {he he had the year wrong}
It was only a bit over a month before she turned three,
she was playing in the loungeroom,
in a ballerina dress
and Jaiden was spinning her around to make it fluff out,
when she fell over and smashed her mouth on the wooden arm of the futon
we had back then.
I had my back to them when she fell and heard the crack,
and was just SO scared to look...
There was so much blood and I thought the tooth was gone all together to
start off with, but once it slowed a bit we saw the tooth
was still there, but knocked almost completely sideways.
In the years since then it turned back a bit but never became completely
straight and it was slightly discoloured.
I was so upset about it then, and cried for a whole day straight,
but I grew used to it, and it was just the way it was lol...
But 4 years later it is now gone!

fingers crossed that her adult tooth comes through OK!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


First day of the month,
whilch means new CHALLENGES all round... :-)
I will start off with Bon's challenges,
and will be back with the others later!
So first up is the Room Of The Month at BONS
I wasn't too sure about the room when i first saw it, but it didnt take long for the ideas to flow..
This is the room..

and this is my sample page..
{visit BON'S FORUM to see the other DT girls gorgeous pages!}

Next up is My monthly challenge,
I was on write now this month..
Details on this are in the challenge section of the forum :-)
and lastly Paper Of The Month..
We would love to see some 'Newbies' giving the challenges a go this month!
So don't be shy, come and join us :-)