Monday, November 26, 2007

It's Been 2 Weeks and 5 Days Since My Last Post!!

Whoops!!! LOL... I have been pretty busy the last few weeks, and I have barely done any scrapping, and haven't made the time to up-date my blog...
We have finally started renovating our laundry, we have got the tiles on the floor, and as of yesterday we have a bench and the laundry tub!!! Which means I can finally do some washing!!!
But we are still a long way off finishing!!! :( So I have spent the weekend cleaning grout off tiles... How fun :(...

We went to Canberra the other weekend to meet up with Craig and Tegan, and Mum and the Girls for the day.... It was a good day, Great to see everyone again... LOL Just wish the flies had of stayed home!!!
Other than that there isn't much to tell about.
^^This is one of the pics from the Canberra trip... Its Tanika and Tiffany at the park

Just a few scrappin pages... I have been pretty slack lately and haven't done many pages, I have done a few OTP things though, just dont have pics of them, and I'm too lazy to take them right now, so I will put them up another time.... The first page is week 10 of the BOM at scraploot.

This one I done for the Journalling Challenge Blog, I think it is one of my favourite Lo's.... Its so simple and I just Love it.... LOL :)

This one is for week 11 of the BOM at scraploot.... I only have one more LO to do and the comp is finished....

Thats all from me at the moment... When I am feeling less lazy I will take some pics of my laundry and OTP items and put up!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Big Share... Photo's and Layouts

Just had to chuck this one in here too... I just made it up this afternoon, for an example of the sketch challenge competition at Kata paper n scrappin shop... Go over and check it out :)

OKKK.... Well I haven't shared for a long time, Since I was pretty much out of action last week.
I got the GARDOSIL needle on monday afternoon (my second injection), and by monday night I couldn't move my arm very well and it ached, By the time I got up Tuesday morning it was very painful and I couldn't move my arm. I ended up having to work that morning though because we were really busy and it was horrible!!! I went pack to see the nurses at the doctors on tuesday arvo and they gave me an ice pack for my arm, which didn't do anything for it.... Wednesday I was in absolute agony everytime I moved and it jolted my arm.... I ended up going on anti-biotics and by friday I could slightly move my arm again.. It was really lucky Mark had a tooth removed on monday and was home tuesday to look after me :)... He ended up having wednesday and thursday off as well coz I was useless!!!
I'm pretty much back to normal now (over a week later) but I still have a bit of uncomfortable pain in my arm and its itchy!!! I still can't sleep on it though :(

On a lighter and only slightly less painful note Jed lost his first toooth on monday night :) LOL Poor bugger he was trying to show me how loose it was and I was dry heaving.... I don't know what it is about teeth but they seriously gross me out!! So I sent him out to Mark and he pulled it out... I was worried that if it stayed there he would choke on it in his sleep... It was sooo loose, and the one next to it is ready to come out as well!!
We done our christmas shoot last week (while my arm was sore) It was just a quick one because we were going to wagga and I wanted to get the photo's printed over there so I could do some canvas's up, but when we got there the machines at harvey norman wouldn't pick the photo's up off the memory stick :( I tried every machine there!!! ) These 2 are my faves out of the lot...


Now I have got all the LO's I have done in the last week and a half...

I love this LO of the kids, I think it is one of my fave's.... It only took me around an hour to do it and its only very simple... But yeah, I like it :)

This one is my entry into the Scrapworld comp, Week 1- Bright theme

This LO is using the Basic Grey Figgy Pudding papers... They are so cute!!!

Just one I did of me and Mark, finished it today... Basic Grey Scarlets Letter PPA LO of MUM for the pink ribbon challenge at ScrapWorld.... Oct CC

The last 2 are for Scraploot BOM comp.....

Just found out last night that I won week 8 with this one:)

By the look of all my LO's I am in LOVE with Basic Grey:)

Head on over to Karen's shop for details on the new comp!!! There are prizes to be won!!!