Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not quite....

2 days to go,
and we will HOPEFULLY be on our way to
First stop on our holiday!
The kids have only 1 day left of school.
Not sending them on thursday,
for numerous reasons...
I had my last day of work today.
In there on my own,
with Zayne,
and wouldn't you know it, it's flat out!
*roll eye's* lol.
Happens everytime i'm in there for the day on my own!
So I won't be back there till we get home,
and then it's straight into Mother's Day week..
I'm not going to know what hit me!! lol
As I write this Mark is outside,
building stuff for the back of the Jeep.
It's 9.26pm.
With 1 afternoon/night to go.
At least he didn't leave it till the last minute.... ha ha

Monday, March 29, 2010

It wont be long...

Before this little man is all grown up...
That makes me sad :(

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The page...

That goes with the sneak..

Saturday, March 27, 2010


After work the kids and I went for a drive to Batlow..
The show was on there,
the kids got their faces painted and a balloon thingo.
No rides for them this time...........

We went out and spent the afternoon with Dad and Auni,
where the kids got their easter presents.
A kinder surprise bunny egg each and a pair of Jammies...
They are so spoilt!!
Zayne LOVED his choc,
and almost inhaled it he ate it that fast lol..
It was a good choc!
A sneak of my latest page..
Just not loving the way it turned out :(

Friday, March 26, 2010

Love this!

I was just taking a few pics tonight,
and got this one of Zayne running from the swing
that he pushed out..
It was coming back to get him lol.
It's blurry as,
just love the expression on his face..
This layout is for skye's sketch challenge for the CC.

One down

two to go.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


till we leave for our holidays..
wonder if we will be ready?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I wonder.....

Who this could be for???


I am feeling VERY uninspired atm..
was going to start one of the challenges
over at Bon's, but i'm just not feeling it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Backyard Play

Just a few pics from the kids playing in the
backyard tonight..

lol, isnt she a goose..

Go muscles..
Oh what a grot!!


I done this page a few weeks ago,

to sub to SC for their green theme.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do you think...

He could be a supermodel with legs like that??
LOL they actually look slimmer in this photo than they
really are...

Friday, March 19, 2010

This kid......

Is getting sooooo hard to take photo's of!!
As soon as he see's the camera these days he either
takes off running away from me,
or runs towards me with his hand out for the camera lol..
He is a little bugger,
lucky he is cute!!! ... :D

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Just to clear up on the last post lol,
I just had one of those days,
where I just felt BLAH..
Really had heaps to do, but no motivation,
or energy to do so.
Also Zayne was asleep so had to
make minimum noise.
(what i really wanted to do was sew
part of my mini i'm taking away, but the machine
is too noisy, and not far from where he sleeps...)
I actually ended up going for a short nap
on the lounge.
I had a strange night,
and a crappy morning...
For some reason I awoke with a start at 3am,
heard a noise of some sort that had my heart racing,
and i had to check..
Found nothing, but by then I was wide awake.
Then at 5am Jed's hot wheels stop watch started beeping... :(
and woke me again,
how friggen annoying,
but Mark was still home so he turned it off.
Then just after 6am,
the batteries in the smoke alarm in Jed's room decided to go
flat... which makes a god awful noise,
and had my heart pounding again... It woke me from a deep sleep.
So I jump up on jed's chair to turn it off,
and of course i can't reach,
so i go and get a kitchen chair,
and cant figure out how to turn the bloody thing off.
Finally manage it,
but of course the kids are all now awake.. :(
I sent them out to watch tv while
i lay down for a little while longer (didnt sleep though).
Phone rings at 7.40,
it's my boss... (wont go there)
Then i make kids brekky, all good,
got my toast and tea,
sit down to eat, spill boiling tea all over my lap...
Go and get changed, get back, clean up table,
sit down, pick up toast...
Zayne tries to fall off kitchen chair backwards.
I saved him from falling, fixed him up,
looked down and my toast is upside down on the table,
which i then had to clean the jam off and throw my toast,
coz we had those dirty little black bugs on
it the night before....
All in all a painful morning lol
but at least it stopped there!
And really, i just felt blah all day...
just one of those days i think!!


How bored am i.....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's CYBER CROP time again...
Come on over to BONS SCRAPS next
tuesday night to join in the fun!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Little Things...

You know those little things,
that the little ones do,
that are just sooooo gorgeous....
The things that we all
forget about way too fast...?
We had one of those moments today.
I took Tani and Zayne down to "duck park"
to feed the ducks,
usually everytime we do this
Zayne sits up on the seat near the water
and eats a piece of bread lol.
Today he started off eating his bread,
while Tani and I broke up the bread and
threw it to the ducks.
A few of the pieces of bread landed on the ground in
front of the seat Zayne was sitting on
and the ducks were coming over
and fighting over the bread...
This absolutely cracked him up,
which is just so cute,
he has the most gorgeous little laugh/chuckle!!
After that he started ripping off little bits of his bread
and holding them out to the ducks
and said "ta, ta, ta...... ta, ta"
lol none of the ducks took his bread though!
Then he went over to the water and started trying
to throw the bread to the ducks...
It took him a little while to understand he
had to actually let go though lol,
I had to show him a few times how to do it,
but once he got it he was throwing
it in over, and over..
and loved it!!
Just one of those things that I dont want to forget!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Can't believe there
are LESS than 3 weeks
until we leave on holiday's.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some pics...

I took the kids to the park over in Gundi this afternoon,
while Mark was in the dentist.
I got a few pics,
some were OK..
Have just picked out 4 for the moment.
Lots were blurry,
not sure why that is happening???
If it's my settings,
or the time of day I am taking my pics,
maybe how far away I am and the lens I am using,
or the fact that my subjects wont stay still?
Hmmmm don't know,
something to think about and work on though...
This one of Tani,
just trying to get an upclose and detailed pic,
it's a little over-exposed but I like it..
Autumn leaves on the ground.
I love Autumn,
The best time of the year.

Tani's belt lol..

I went to target the other day and got Jed and Tani a few things

from the clearance racks..

This was Tani's fave coz of the belt..

They are knee length shorts, quite cute,

and they only cost me four dollars - something!


Little man,

on his way into the play area.

I love the fact that it has a huge fence around it,

he can go crazy in there..

He had a ball!

Double spacing again apparently,
oh, no, now it stopped lol..
Don't know what's up with that.
After we left the park I took the kids for a drive
up to see our old house in Gundi,
as soon as they saw it they remembered it,
and Jed started talking about it...
Not surer how much Tani would remember of it though.
Gee I loved that house,
and I miss it.... :(
So anyway got back to the dentist and Mark had a tooth pulled..
Yay more grumpy Mark....


Just a few photo's from long plain lol...
Never got around to putting the last ones up!

I love old things like these...... :)
So tomorrow is Jed's specialist appointment in wagga,
I'm not sure if i'm looking forward to that or not....
I guess it will be good to find out,
and hopefully he will get somewhere with his learning difficulties.
We went to wagga last friday as well,
and brought 2 of the kids swags,
and us another mattress for ours since I couldn't sleep in
it the way it was.
I'm not sure where we are going to put all of this stuff
while we are travelling up there though?
The jeep is only quite small and Mark is forever
thinking of more stuff we "need".....
Not sure if me and the kids will even fit! 8(
Hmmm well I guess time will tell,
I think we will have to do a practise pack lol.
No doubt we will look like National Lampoon's Vacationers again LMAO..
I have tried to make a start on my little album
I want to take too....
If it fits....
Just not feeling it yet though,
I'm sure it will come together in the end.
Well I am a little bored,
just came on to see if SM have rejected my layouts yet,
but still no news, I sent them on wednesday last week!!
Was going to make some cupcakes but I have no margarine :(

Saturday, March 6, 2010

506 days ago....

or.. 1 year, 4 months and 18 days ago..
we looked like this.
Zayne was 6 days old,
and so very little (lol kind of).
Jed had no top teeth.
Tani had all her teeth.
I had big dirty black circles under my eyes.
Mark looked much the same as he does now, lol.
Just a little bit of family love.
Because I love them.
and because I am procastinating,
instead of doing the lunch and brekkie dishes,
and cooking dinner.

The hardest thing.....

I had one of those day's at work today..
Sometimes I have days like this,
that just shatter me,
and I don't feel right for days afterwards.
It just really makes me reflect on what's important in life.
Yesterday afternoon we were travelling home from wagga,
and there were HUGE amounts of traffic..
I mean more than I have EVER seen on that road.
By the time we got to the highway we realised
that there had been an accident and all the traffic
from the highway had been diverted around a side road.
Both lanes of the highway had been closed.
When we got home,
after i drove extremely carefully, and slowly,
all the way back (these things really spook me!)
I saw on the news that a young girl had been killed.
I'm still not entirely sure what happened other than
her car and a truck were involved....
I don't know who the girl was either,
and as far as I knew she was from a town over 2 hours away.
At the time I thought it was devastating and really
felt for her family.
But today at work her grandmother
came in to buy some flowers to put at the accident site.
She was absolutely distraught,
and crying so much (understandably).
It just really hits hard.
It is so hard to know what to say, and what to do.
Some people want comfort where as others
want to be left alone.
Normally I would never write about something like this,
but this is the 2nd occassion in the last couple of weeks
that has really gotten to me.
I wont talk about these things, even writing about
it doesnt feel right and this has taken me over 30 mins just to write this
small amount. But I had to get it out....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just some scrappy pages...

I have been doing a bit of scrapping this week....
I love it when my mojo pops in to say hello lol.
First up is the write now challenge at BONS.
a random, just because i love that photo of my boys!
My new fave layout....
LOVE the red spotty paper,
and that pic of my kids!
Just one with some journalling of the
journey we are about to start...
He is such a funny kid lol,
think the pic of this page is a little bright..
Last months write now challenge that i never
finished in time..
Whoops, slacko..
That's it!!
Mark has gone camping with Matt and Keith tonight,
i'm not used to him being away at night..
It's strange and very, very quiet!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Too cute....

Is this little fellow in his little toddler bed...

His first night in it was Saturday February 21st (2010)..
I heard him fall out once that night,
(Mark thinks he heard him fall out 3 times...
I think he was dreaming)
He fell out twice the next night,
and hasn't fallen out since...
Although i did have to get up and shift him
back onto the bed last night,
he was going off backwards lol..
We brought this toddler bed because he was
getting a little adventurous
with climbing... Not long ago he fell into the bath
(with water in it :(.. ) headfirst
and we have a BIG DEEP bath,
ne of those real old ones...
anyways he fell in because he gets up and rocks
back and forward on the edges,
and he was doing the same thing in his cot...
and it is a LOT higher than the bath lol.
I was getting really worried he was going to fall out and do damage..
I remember Jed falling out of the cot when he was a baby
and it scared the crappers out of me.......
The actual reason he got a toddler bed though,
and not a big bed is because he is still in our room,
which is actually Tanika's room
(you may have noticed the pink ladybug curtains lol),
because we are supposed to be renovating our room,
which so far has not happened at all...
But it is really the cutest thing!!
and now he comes and climbs into bed
with me when he gets up,
and kicks me, and climbs over me,
and pulls my blankies off,
and cuddles me, and kisses me, and tells me "I love"..
(his way of saying I love you on a lazy day lol)
.... God i love him