Friday, September 30, 2011

Just quick...

We are headed off for the weekend,

I have pretty much everything packed, just waiting for Mark to get home before we leave,

so I thought I would quickly chuck these pages on my blog!!!!

First up is a just coz...

I took these pics using the hipstamatic app on my iphone while Tani was getting her ears pierced, not the best pics, but GREAT for the record..

I'm glad I took them!!

Next up is a sketch at scrapbook savvy...

It only kind of looks like the sketch lol.
Happy long weekend to you all!!!
(do you all have one? I have no idea lol...... )

It is forecast to RAIN all weekend where we are headed, but I am so excited to see my mum and my sisters.... Cant wait!! ♥


amanda73 said...

love love those pages....... nope no long weekend in qld

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pages, love the one of the pierced ears. No long weekend here but enjoy yours

Teegs said...

yep qld have there labour weekend in MAy... so after june they have no long weekends :/

Sweet LO of the ears something worth capturing for Tani... Thank god for camers on fones for those candid moments

hahaha sometimes it is daggy but not with these spunks

You scrapping lots :D