Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tanika's 8th Birthday!

This year my beautiful baby girl turned EIGHT!!

I know i say it all the time,

but i really cant believe how fast she is growing up :(

She is such a beautiful person,

inside and out and I just love her to bits!!

So this year she had a birthday party,

she had the choice between a sleepover (inviting 3 girls)

or a party (inviting 12 girls)...

She chose a PARTY (pheeeeeew, wiping my brow lol)..

She had one girl not turn up, so the ones that we here were..

Liana, Tully, Phoebe, Molly, Caitlin, Sharni, Lara, Zoe, Chantelle, Chloe, Ebony...

as well as her baby bro Zayne, and Bryelle and James..

Tegan done her hair, and she looked so pretty ♥

Opening pressies,
Zayne is such a good helper lol.........

Such a mess....

and yep out of everything she loved the small bundle of barbie stanionery the most..

Typical lol

Such a delicate pressie opener!!

I wasnt going to put any pics of the other girls up here,

as I dont have permission,

But had to put a cake pic up :-)

She was going to have an '8' cake,

but we had a cake disaster the night before lol.......!!!


amanda73 said...

Happy Birthday tani...... you are sooooo gorgeous........ looks like you are 1 very lucky girl......

i also think they grow up way to quick.......

Lizzyc said...

happy birthday.. she looks so sweet!

Teegs said...

So glad you took a pic of her hair that side lol, the Braide was just not happening, first attempt and i dont think she was keen to sit still and let me start again lol.

But pretty girl is 8...... glad she had a great time with her friends. so cute to watch them playing together.