Monday, September 26, 2011

STUCK?!.... and

Tani got her ears pierced!!!

She wanted them done for her 8th birthday,
but we waited until the school holidays, just incase they were sore..
She was great, she said they barely hurt,
and so far they have been good... (touch wood lol)
She got them done on Saturday 24th Sept,
at DIVA in Wagga..
The 2nd STUCK?! sketch has been up for a while,
but you still have a few days to get your entries in!
This is the sketch....
And this is my layout..


I have flipped it around, and once again changed it around a little to suit myself lol....
Hope you can give it a go!!


Lizzyc said...

Yes they get to an age when they want the earrings, so i am sure they will heal up ok.. and i love the bee layout.. too cute!!

Teegs said...

YAY!!! she FINALLY got her ears pierced:) after how long... SO SO CUTE:-)

nawww my little bumble bee soo sweet x

Sara said...

I expect nothing less than for you to change it up, I always love seeing your layouts.

And YAY for Tani! I bet she loves them.