Sunday, October 2, 2011


I am blogging these from my phone, so I have no idea if it will work or not lol.
We are in bermi, although it was forecast to rain all weekend the weather yesterday afternoon was fantastic. We went out for lunch then headed to the blue pools for a wander and the kids stuck their feet in (and me lol) it was FREEZING!! zayne stripped and got in to his little boobies :( we then headed to the beach and the kids got all wet, imagine that lol. Then to belinda's for tea <3

Just a few pics, taken with my phone.. I have no idea where they will be on the page lol. My new fave pic, the one of me playing in the water with the kids!! <3

Sheri took the 2 ocean ones, the other is my boys standing at the end of one of the main wharfs, there weren't many boats in.


Teegs said...

hahhah im surprised you hadn't blogged from your phone before now.

naww cute did someone have a normal camera out to get you all in the water?

glad you had a day where you could get to the beach:) the kids would have loved it

Lizzyc said...

beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pics, hope you're having a fab time