Wednesday, December 30, 2009

To go or not to go???

Hmmm, to go or not to go....
I just can't decide!
Help me decide lol..
Wish i was better with these sorts of decisions..
Cant decide whether to go to bermi for the weekend or not,
5 hours drive each way, to stay for 2 days...
But we will get to see Mum and Sheri,
although it will probably rain the whole time...
Have to work till 4 tomorrow, unless its busy and i have to stay late, havent packed, house is messy... Oh i cant decide!!
Love this pic of the little man,
such a cutie pie...
Love him so much!!!


Sheri said...

i reaaaaaaaaallllyyyyyy think you should come lol. or at least send the kids with Nan and Pop.
btw i think you should update you about me thingy, cant be 26 forever :-P
gorgeous pic of Zayne!!!
if you guys dont come down i think ill HAVE to come up. stuff work for a few days

Teegs said...
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