Thursday, December 17, 2009

Scrapping again!!

Just a few pages to share today,
it's a horrible day today..
the temp is currently 40.8 and it is blowing an absolute gale,
wind gusts are over 66kph!!
fair dinkum it is scaring the shit out of me.. :(
We just had a power outage as well,
and LOTS of sirens..
No idea what is going on, but i am quite worried..
Anyway, here are a few of pages I done a couple weeks ago.

^^lol this was supposed to be 8.5x11 but i forgot to cut the side down, so its 8.5x12, lol ah well!!

cant think of anything else to write while im stressing so i'll leave it at that..

Oh god, i hate the wind!!


Pauly said...

Love ya layouts!! I see Sheridan made SM again this month..very talented family eh!!! We are meant to have big storms tonight, wind is shocking here too!!

Marelle said...

WOW Tara I am soo pleased you made it to Bons !
love your pics wow
love your layouts wow
talk to you tonight

Sue said...

Love your Lo's, wish I could open the sweetness one to have a proper look at it. So hope you can make it down here sometime over the hols.

Nicole said...

fabby stuff girl, loving what you do with 8.5x11 or 8.5x12 (don't worry I've done the same)

Very jealous of all that green in that below post too. How I wish to see some of that around right now.

Have a fantastic weekend, and I can't wait to see what you do at the Crop


Wendy Smith said...

wow...this is just a divine blog all around

Jodi said...

Great layouts Tara. Where are you currently Tara? Is Bermi far from you? My folks live at Cobargo. It's where I grew up and always spend my Bermi :) Camel Rock is our favourite beach :)

Ceci said...

Oh wow I love all your work...very inspiring! :)

Stace said...

How are you surviving Tara?!?

Great to see your blog - I'll come back when I have some time to check out your other entries ;)

Good to have you over at Bons for the CC too .. hope to see you there for many more.

Melinda said...

Love your work Tara!! Will be back for sure. Great to have you at Bons!!


bronnyk said...

Great to see you at Bons.... the girls are fab!!!
Love your LO's and great blog too!!!

Monique said...

Oh Gosh - I hope you are Ok!!
I adore your layouts - they are simply divine!!