Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day out with the fam...

**Edited to add, as far as i can tell Tani is supposed to be Rudolph.. lol**
We had a lovely day out yesterday, just the 5 of us.
We went down the street and wandered around a bit,
the kids got their faces painted and got a balloon each.
then we had some brunch at the coach house and
the kids got their photo taken with Santa again.
Once again will be a bit of a shocker lol,
Zayne really doesn't like the poor old bugger!!!
He cries everytime we take him near him...
Then we grabbed some lunch and ate it at the park
before we went for a stroll up to the old town bridge and back.
I got some nice pics, and everyone had a good time..
the kids were perfectly behaved the whole time
so there was no cranky mum and dad lol..
Zayne slept for our whole walk though so he missed out..
The top 2 pics are the old town bridge.
It is now closed down due to falling apart lol,
but makes for some nice piccies!!
next up is the santa ladies...
they were caroling near the PO,
they looked absolutely FANTASTIC!!
they were all dressed exactly the same and just looked really nice..
I didnt know any of these girls so i took the pic with no heads lol,
really makes ya realise the big day is getting closer!
lonesome little duck in the park..
they are such good looking creatures!
Jed and his facepaint..
I think its a classic!!
Love this one.. :D

Tani and her face paint...

oh dear girl, i wish just once you would get butterflies or fairies or just something daintly and GIRLIE!!! lol

I have got so many more pics that i love but dont want to overload lol..

have one layout done for the CC at Bons but i will wait until i upload it there before i show it here..

Apparently we are going to wagga AGAIN tomorrow so i best shuffle off to bed now..

leave me some love and i will come visit your blog!! xx


Sheri said...

what exactly is Tani?
cool pics of the bridge

Teegs said...

Sounds like you had a great day:) Damn i love that bridge and the old train bridge in Gundy:) they make for great photos:) Lol Tani is a dag cant quiet work out what she's meant to be though? love your LO's below too as always AWESOME job:)