Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just a quick one..

We had the most awesome rainbow last week,
it was so vibrant and colourful..
I went for a drive to get a pic that didnt have other peoples houses in it
but it was gone by the time i got there :(

So i took these pics while i was there instead.

Love the reflections in the water in this one..


These are just a couple more pics from our photo shoot..
Some of my faves..
God I love these kids!!!

Not much happening around here lately..
The weather has been so much nicer,,
in the 20's mostly intead of the 40's like it has was... Blah!
We moved our room into Tani's this week,
ready to renovate ours...
It's a tight squeeze in the little back room with our king size bed,
bedside table's and
Zayne's cot and change table..
Not to mention the built in and the 2 door's leading in/out of the room!!!!
I can't wait to move back... :)
I am pretty much organised for christmas,
still have a few lay-by's to get out and a couple of things to get for extended family,
but that's it..
I love being organised, don't know why I haven't tried it before LMAO!
Looks like we are in for a quiet one this year,
think we will have quiet picnic lunch somewhere with just us
and then out to Craig and Teeg's for dinner,
with a mixture of our family and Tegan's family..
I can't wait...
am so looking forward to relaxing,
not having to rush around getting here and there!!
Just enjoying the day with my lovely little family.... :)
That's it from me,
might try and get a little bit of scrapping done before I head to bed!!


karen e said...

I got photo of the rainbow as we were driving by....

Pauly said...

Gorgeous photos!! Plenty to scrap!! Can't wait to see some done xx