Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Xmas photoshoot piccies

We went for a drive up bush to take the kids xmas photoshoot pics this year..
Usually I just take them out the back next to the shed but it had spiderwebs all over it and I didnt really feel like cleaning it lol..
I am so happy with the place i picked to take the pics,
even if i was standing in the middle of the track..
I took sooooo many pics, and ended up with 72 that I LOVE!!
could have been more but i restricted myself to not picking too many that were quite similar..
these are just a few of my faves..
Love the way the teddy is caught on the edge of the pic here while he was on his way out.. poor teddies must have been a bit camera shy, they didnt stay for long!! lol
My fave group shot...
Not perfect, but that was never going to happen, was it....

Such a cheeky bugger, you can just see the mischief in his eyes!!

^^^^ LOVE this one of Zayne^^^^
think it was my fave pic out of all of them...
and of course i found something pretty to take a pic of!!


Nicole said...

LOVE these piccies Tara. and love the black and denim combo too :) looks 'fresh' lol, i know that doesn't make sense but ykwim.

and those LO's are wicked, love 8.5x11 too. where is the rest?????


Sue said...

Loving the piccies with the new camera, you are so talented with it.
Wish my Lo's looked a fraction as good as yours do, not sure I am liking that size, I still have as much trouble deciding what to put on them..

Beth said...

Gorgeous photos Tara!

Jennifer said...

love your photos such gorgeous kids

storkess said...

luv your pics & LO's too, got a surprise when I checked ur blog, dunno what happened,but my link on the side of mine hasn't been showing ur updates, it tells me ur last one was 5 weeks ago "miss you my babies", but u been busy so I had a lot to look at 2day. Same as Karens she has had a few updates too, that didn't show up