Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Away @ Bermi

We went away to Bermi for the weekend,
because Mark had a long weekend at work..
The weather was good,
a bit cold and windy on the friday but otherwise it was good!!
Got to test drive my new camera which was even better :D
These are just a few of my faves,
just randomly picked
and in no particular order..
Gorgeous little pic of Zayne..
He wasn't sure about the beach,
the waves scared him and i dont think he liked the
feel of the sand under his feet.
He loved it after the initial dislike though..

This one of Tani was taken on the beach as well...
she was building sandcastles.
I had a play with the settings on this one
to get the brightness and blurry background...
Just a random..
We went for a drive down to cuttagee and there were a pair of shoes
on the poles next to the steps, one on each pole..
Jed helping his brother out in the water..
Once Zayne went in he didnt want to get out,
he just kept going back for more..
and he chucked a tanty when it was time to go.. :(
Tani and Jed.
Playing on the play equipment at the school
while we were at the spring fair.
Jed at the beach.. played with settings again
At the school
Little tootsies at the beach..
arent they fat and cute!
At the beach, not sure about it all!

These are really just a few,

have sooo many favourites.

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