Saturday, December 26, 2009


We spent most of christmas day at home this year...
it rained all day, literally without stopping,
but thats ok coz we needed it!!!
Dad and Auni came over in the morning for brunch,
and craig and tegan stopped over for a while..
we had a very late lunch, just a slap up, nothing special and then i had a nap on the lounge while the kids played with their new stuff lol....
We spent the evening out at craig and tegans,
and had a great time!!
Just a few pics from our day...
I am using my new little laptop, and dont know how to reposition the pics so they are in no particular order!!
first one is Tani with the sparklers...
relly need to learn how to do night time piccies..

Love this pic of Jed helping Tani out with her new 'ipod' thingo from their grandad!!!
you have no idea what these 2 are like, they are at each other, fighting constantly, so i loved seeing this!!
Little man and his Zebra..
Jed unwrapping pressies
Jed and his sparkler...
LOVE this pic of Zayne and his wrapping paper!!
Tani and Zayne, he got a lot more into it than i expected him to..
he was very cute!
I got very spoilt too, with a new pandora bracelet and 5 new charms, a pack of 72 watercolour derwent pencils, and a lovely handmade box from Tani filled with roses choccies..... yummo :)

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