Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New LO's

My littlest Bro and his GF Steph... They have been going out since 25th June 2006 and I only met her for the first time on 29th July 2007. I have heard so much about her and have seen photo's but now I have finally MET her!!

We were walking up Caville Ave (I think) when I took this photo (hence the blurry-ness), The sky looked so Awesome, It was so much more Purple than it turned out in the photo... Still cool though!! :)

Me and Tegan... Never did I imagine that I would turn out to be such good friends with my brothers GF... I talk to her way more than I talk to craig!!! He had better keep her FOREVER!!!

Pre explained in my Blog... LOL
I got really excited thisafternoon because I was about to finish my 4th LO in 2 days... Then I realised it was actually 3 days, That is still super fast for me though, as I can take weeks to finish just 1 LO....
I am still deciding on journalling for Sunset, Mark & Steph and the Friends Forever LO's but here they are anyway!!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous pages tara - LOVE your bold graphic style, always look clean and polished!


karen e said...

Beautiful LO's as usual.