Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day 5

A pic taken with my new camera at The Goob... I have been trying to figure out my manual focus but i'm not real sure what i'm doing... Think I could use some lessons/pointers or something!!
Day 5 already!! I really hadn't noticed how fast 5 days goes by before!! Today I felt like I was going to be really slack!! I had a nap on the lounge at about 10am and I was in a really bored whinging mood, so we went for a drive. We got some KFC for lunch and drove out to Goobragandra to eat it, which is where this pic was taken, then we went for a drive up the bush in Tumut, then up to Trig site.... So we didn't get home til about 5 this afteroon.... It was a pretty good day (Tani's last day being 3!!!)...

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Hey Tara,

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