Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 3

Here's my lil man all dressed up like a cowboy, They got to wear their cowboy clothes to school for the day.

This is me, Day 3. I took this one earlier this morning coz I was going to have a BUSY day, Then I never got the chance to upload it until now!!! I am just doing it quickly while I am waiting for my raspberry slice to cook and then I have to go down the street and buy some meat for Tanika's B'Day BBQ tomorrow... Then come home and cook a cake! :)

Karen, Tani and I went to watch Jed's first ever on stage performance at school today... I didn't think he would do anything but he actually danced along with the other kids, It was so cute (I recorded it with my camera!!) I really just thaught he would stand there and be silly!! I am so glad he actually participated!!

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