Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year!!

I was going to do a top 10 of 2011 layouts post, but so far I just haven't had a chance. I did try the other day but blogger just deleted all my pics instead of loading them :( so I gave up.. Hopefully this week I will get a chance though!

Today I have some first of the month shares..
First up is for the new sketch at Purple Pumpkin.. This is the 2nd page I created for this sketch, it's not often I will re-do a page, but I really hated the first one. Love this one though, so all is good!
This one is my monthly challenge at Scrapbook Savvy.. Same pics as the PP page, and not the last time you will see them either lol. Visit the forum for more details :)
Last one is the January 1st sketch at STUCK?!


Felicity said...

I love looking at your scrappy pages... ( I look here bit, but dont always comment - naughty me).
Those pages are awesome.. love the multiply piccies :)
enjoy your week, x

Lizzyc said...

Hi.. these look fabulous.. i wish i could keep my layouts together, but then we are all different aren't we!! but i do love your style!!

Debbie Smith said...

Just love your pages, especially the STUCK?! page. That was an awesome idea, to use ribbon instead of filling the big square space. Good thinkin 99 :-))