Thursday, January 5, 2012

New years camping..

 This year over New Years we went camping at Blowering Dam with Matt and Karen..
I didn't take a lot of photo's, which makes the ones I did take even better lol.
 I have uploaded them at a very small size as I am sick of waiting an hour for my photo's to upload, and then having them dissapear when I try to add them here, so they are probably crappy quality, but rest assured they are awesome IRL... hahahaha.
 We spent 2 nights over there, and it was HOT... So HOT. We had a great time, but in reality I couldn't wait to get home and out of that sticky heat!! We arrived home with not even a spot of sunburn too!! 
So just a few piccies... I took more on my iphone, but will just show these :)
Little Zayney, with his funky hat!
 The view of the dam where we went swimming... Well some swam, some walked, some played lol
The 5 kids, my 3 and Karen's 2. I actually really love this pic!
James and Zayne... little turds, oh I mean angels haha
and again, they spent a lot of time 'racing'.
and again lol....
That's all!!


Mal said...

do you think he looks heaps like his big brother???? i do!!!

can't wait till all mine are bigger and running around and we go camping again later this year!!!

and i read your blog....sometimes...but will do it more now that you are on my blog page i promise!

Teegs said...

i really really like the kids in the water pic too such a transition of colours